For practically decades, one of the largest mysteries in the world of comic is the real name of Joker, iconic villain of Batman which is really known little despite having many appearances. And despite the fact that many fans have already resigned to never know this information, it seems that there is a light at the end of the tunnel in Flash point Beyond .

This comic follows Thomas Wayne of this alternative timeline while accepting the sudden return of his old reality and looks for the Killer Clockwork. Since then, it has been revealed that this serial killer is Martha Wayne , who became the Joker of the flash point timeline after his son Bruce ** was killed.

The number 5 copy tells us how Thomas faces his ex-wife in his cell in Arkham Asylum . Revealing that he forced Psycho-Pirat to reveal everything he knew about the main timeline of the universe DC , including the identity of Joker of that world. His’s real name is jack oswald white .

Martha reveals that she visited the Flash point version of White and discovered that he was a hobby man who kept his wife and son through a job in Wayne * * Casino . And despite living in poverty, this version of Jack is happy and does not go through the same traumatic test that is seen in other universes.

It is worth noting that in Joker’s cinematographic part, we have already learned that his name is Arthur Fleck, version that is interpreted by Joaquín Phoenix . But in the part of the comics, we could conclude that it is one of the first occasions in which a name is assigned. Without a doubt, it will be a number that fans will enjoy from beginning to end.

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