InScryption is a game in the Roguelike genre with well-building, full of narrative turns. The game has an exciting storyline that is accompanied by ARG. Due to the intersection of intra-game events and ARG, confusion may occur in understanding what is happening in the Inscryption. Here is an explanation of the ending of the Inscryption.

The end of the inscription, explanation

What happened in the ending of Inscryption?

At the end of the Inscryption, the player is asked to repair part of the P03 factory, but three Scrybes appear in the dark. Grimor, goblin and Magnifficus enter into a conspiracy with the player, thinking how to distract the p03 and to stop great superiority . If The Great Transcendence continues, the Inscryption P03 version will be downloaded to the Internet and it will receive unlimited control.

Before the P03 manages to complete the loading of its version of the Inscryption, scrubs interfere and kill it. They stop the load, but the Grimor takes another step forward and begins Removing the game data . Other scrubs protest, but the assets around them are already disappearing. After the final battle with each Scrybes, the player can view the mysterious Old_Data, a set of files that have been hinted from the very beginning of the game.

This is where the hatch appears. In the Inscryption, it is the hatch that plays the game. At certain points in the game, the hatch appears in the video clips, documenting its experience in the game in the Inscryption. In the game, we take the role of a hatch. After the Old_Data revealed, although they are all edited, the hatch destroys the game disc. Something in Old_data scares him, and the hatch crushes the disc with a hammer.

After he destroys the disk, he desperately calls the legal service to report the Inscryption and how he tried to capture his computer. He mentions that he has evidence of abuse of official position in relation to the creators of Inscryption, known as GameFuna. Luke begins to describe the problem, but he is interrupted by a knock on the door. Outside is a representative of GameFuna, a woman who appeared on behalf of Gamefuna in the previous video clip.

The hatch opens the door, dissatisfied with the return of the woman. He says: I told you…, but his words are interrupted by the bullet in the head. A woman from GameFuna kills Luke to make him shut up and return the Inscryption disc. Despite its innocence, the participation of Luke in the Inscryption put him under the cross-fire of a dangerous technological conflict.

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