The latest image of Pokemon Scarlet Violet for Nintendo Switch Pokemon Scarlet Violet has been released on Pokemon Official Twitter (@pokemon_cojp).

The image released this time is a photo of the mysterious pattern drawn in trees ** taken by a photographer, which is said to be attracting attention in the stage of this work and the Pardea region.

Why is such a pattern drawn? Why are you talking about the Paldea region? They are unknown at the time of writing. The official release states, Please expand your imagination with Pokemon trainers around the world.

The mystery of this photo will continue to be announced on Pokemon official Twitter as soon as the follow-up report comes in. Let’s pay attention to the follow-up report while thinking about its identity.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will be released on November 18, for each package version of 6,578 yen (tax included) and 6,500 yen (tax included) for the download version. On the same day, a double pack with Pokemon Scarlet Violet will be released, and the price is 13,156 yen (tax included).