The most important leagues around the world are currently in the final playoffs and knowing at the end of what clubs will meet at the League of Legends International party that will be held this year in the United States. But this time we will not talk about the clubs that have qualified or the surprises that can occur in the tournament, but of something away from these World Cups and focused much more on a very important regional league for everyone.

Of course, we talked about the LPL , the Chinese League of Legends most important in the region that has become a reference for several years that took off at all with the victory of Invictus Gaming in 2018. Well, it seems that it has leaked by mistake that this league will add two more teams to its competition next year, having this way up to 19 teams fighting for victory.

to 19 teams in a regional league; The madness of the LPL and its franchises

Until now, the participating teams of this LPL are the following:

  1. Edward Gaming
  2. Royal Never Give Up
  3. Funplus Phoenix
  4. VICTORY 5 (Ninjas in Pyjamas in 2023)
  5. Weibo Gaming
  6. Top Esports
  7. JD Gaming
  8. Bilibili Gaming
  11. Longzhu Gaming
  12. LGD Gaming
  13. ThunderTalk Gaming
  14. Anyone’s Legend
  15. Oh my God
  16. Ultra Prime
  17. Team We

Well, as the Chinese streaming platform Huya has leaked by mistake, two more teams would be added to the current league , which we still do not know but are probably related to large companies from this gigantic country. Many teams could reach the league: platforms such as Tiktok could arrive with a sponsored team, since seeing that blg and weibo are already inside the league and are two of the most used video platforms by Chinese users, It would not be surprising to see something similar with this social network owned by Bytedance.

Many have thought that they are too many teams and it is likely that it does not come out profitable, but the reality is that the increase in franchises is directly linked to the profits . That is, it increases the number of equipment because it increases in turn the earnings of the league and its franchises. We will have to see if this finally becomes a reality, but it is curious to see how the LPL reaches almost 20 teams while a LEC costs it enough to increase the squares to 12 clubs.