Ghost of Tsushima, set in the background of Tsushima Island, Japan, enjoyed great popularity for Soul Lake‘s game and beautiful natural environment depiction. The new martial arts Open World Action RPG, which feels similar to that ghost of Tsushima, has been released.

China’s Everstone Studio announced on the 24th at the Gamescen’s Opening Night Live 2022 and unveiled a trailer. In the open trailer, brilliant action using martial arts and light air was introduced. It shows the action of martial arts, such as stabbing the blood at an invisible speed, stopping the enemy’s movement, running on the water, and shooting a three-stage jump and shooting a bow. In combat systems, there is a stylish battle, such as evasion and paring guards, and when the attack is evaded at the correct timing, the time will slow down.

It also features an open world set in the backdrop of the North Korean Song era. You can fly on the roof of the village that shows traditional Chinese style, ride a vast meadow, and climb up the cliffs of the snowy field.


The place where the wind meets is currently being developed on a PC and is scheduled to be beta test this year. The exact date of release is not supported.