Gravity Neo Cyan has updated the guild war against the mobile RPG ‘Ragnarok The Lost Memories’ on the 23rd.

This update has added guild warfare. If you kill all the monsters in the stage, the guild warfare battle is to move on to the next stage, and the higher the more stage you can get the higher the score.

The total scores of guild members are summed up to determine the ranking rankings, and the coin and gemstone are paid according to the ranking. In addition, three types of costumes were added, such as ‘Secret Zipper’, ‘Bell’s Pigeon’ and ‘Debirucci Balloon’, which can decorate the characters to their personality.

Gravity Neo Cyan will hold the ‘Festival Midgard Festa’ event in the village from August 23 to September 6 to commemorate the first update.

You can acquire Festa Coin through a separate event quest, and you can exchange them with a variety of products such as ‘Gefen Festa Box’ and ‘Small Foring Headband’ with Festa Coin. During the same period, all users who participated in the guild championship will also be given 10 concentrated orideocon.


In addition, as a reward for the update commemorative access during the event, ’50 mysterious mana powder’ is paid to all users, and the Naver official lounge will also hold ‘Deck Proud Event’ where you can boast and receive your own cards.

Ragnarok The Lost Memories Director Kim Sung-yong said, We have prepared updates and contents with the interest of the users sent after the launch of Ragnarok The Lost Memories. I have prepared a lot of gifts for the update commemorative gift, so I hope you will receive it. I hope a lot of attention.