Supercat (CEO Kim Young-eul) announced on the 23rd that it will recruit 4th students of ‘Supercat Dot Academy (SDA)’, a recruitment-linked education program for future dot artists.


‘SDA’, designed to foster and secure art job talent, is a practical competency-oriented educational program consisting of various theoretical lectures, practice tasks, and mentoring specialized in dot graphics.

In particular, the mobile game ‘The Country of Wind: Yeon’ and the meta bus platform ‘ZEP’, etc., the dot artists who have proved differentiated competitiveness in the dot graphic field participate as a direct instructor to share various knowledge, technology, and know-how necessary for practical work. do.

SDA 4th support is available through the recruitment page and will be completed by proceeding with the documents by September 5th. After that, a non-face-to-face interview will be conducted from September 13 to 22, and the final candidates will be announced on the 26th. The training starts from October 4th and will be conducted in a total of 12 weeks curriculum until December 23.

The SDA course, which operates free of charge, allows students to cultivate the necessary capabilities as a dot artist and get the opportunity to link the recruitment. To date, more than 80% of SDA students have joined Supercat, and have been assigned to various projects and gained experience in the field and are growing into dot artists.

The SDA, which began recruiting the first stage in 2021, was noted for its systematic curriculum, pleasant educational environment, and employment opportunities. The number of applicants is steadily increasing for each rider by attracting high satisfaction and positive feedback from existing students.

For more information on recruitment-linked education program ‘Supercat Dot Academy’ 4th recruitment, please visit the ‘Supercat Career’ website and ‘Supercat’ website.