The flood of images from the set has ended and finally HBO Max has revealed the initial trailer for the upcoming The Last people series. The first trailer can be seen at the end of a show reel from the American VoD carrier.

Cozy memories of the game: followers of the Playstation video game will acknowledge some widely known scenes as well as characters in the 20 secs. Among them, obviously, Pedro Pascal as Joel and also Bella Ramsey as Ellie. A peek at the emotional start of the action journey is likewise given.


You can enjoy the first trailer from minute 1: 42 below:

information on action and also release

In terms of material, the story from The Last of United States Part 1 awaits you, however scenes from Part 2 ought to likewise occur. The Last people informs the story of fourth-four Joel as well as Teen Ellie, who are coping the United States in the post-apocalypse. Her objective: a cure versus the disastrous Cordyceps mushroom that changes people into zombie-like beings.

The trailer offers the perception that we will certainly quickly see the series, yet before 2023 you ought to not trust a launch, HBO just recently announced this.

Additionally brand-new scene: According to Manufacturer Craig Mazin, you will certainly not be based on the template. Rather, the story should be increased. Occasions must not be reversed or essentially changed.

All information regarding the Last of US collection on HBO

You can learn which actresses and also actors embody the widely known numbers from the game in the collection in our in-depth info write-up on The Last people HBO. Here you also obtain all sort of perceptions of the shooting, consisting of photos of popular locations.

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Comfortable memories of the game: fans of the Playstation game will recognize some popular scenes and also characters in the 20 seconds. In terms of web content, the tale from The Last of Us Part 1 awaits you, however scenes from Component 2 should likewise take place. Likewise new scene: According to Producer Craig Mazin, you will not be based on the theme.