On the 17th, Netmarble added a new hero ‘Tao Tao’ to Seven Knights Revolution and released a special hero boss.

The new hero, ‘Teacher of Dang-ja’, is a dark attribute near-range dealer, with a ‘indomitable’ skill that is immune to all actions when the vitality is less than 30%, and the damage to the opponent increases. In addition, while the skill persists, health does not go down below 1.


At the same time, the special boss ‘Tao’ was released. If you complete the special quest until September 13th, you can play the special boss ‘Tao’. Like the existing hero boss mode, you can enjoy it in single mode and multi-mode, and in multi-mode, up to four teams can team up.

In addition, two new avatar swimsuit costumes were introduced. Legendary costumes can be obtained as a tropical vacation costume and a rare costume exchange ticket.

By August 31st, you can exchange rewards by playing rune adventures, hero bosses and giant bosses with four-star hero promotion cards, cards and ornaments.

Seven Knights Revolution is a mobile MMORPG based on Seven Knights, which is determined by the weapon used, and can be transformed into various heroes depending on the battle situation.

For more information, visit the Seven Knights Revolution official website.