All these numbers contribute to the gigantic business success of the PS4, which granted him more than 100 million units sold worldwide and also permitted him to remain really near to the sales of PlayStation 4, which the PS3 did not prosper to do.

Nevertheless, many thanks to analyst Daniel Ahmed, we can find out more about the locations of the globe where the console has actually been offered best, which can shock you or at the very least offer a suggestion of the method the PS4 had a lot success this generation.

Then, we have Japan with 8.3 million units, an excellent outcome if we think about that the console has long dealt with in its country as well as has actually enhanced in time, although it is still lagging behind Compared to the Nintendo Change.

A new record indicates that PlayStation 4 is experiencing a resounding success this generation, a phenomenon that we have currently known for a lengthy time.

Finally, we have Germany with 7.2 million units, remarkably beating the UK (6.8 million) which has actually constantly been a much a lot more pertinent market and also which we generally take into consideration when it comes to determining The success of a console or a video game. France has simply under 6 million units.

As Ahmed notes, the PlayStation 4 was offered to 30 million copies in the United States, which ought to in theory be the home of the Xbox One. This suggests that 30% of the PS4 was sold in the United States, which is an extraordinary success for Sony.