One more day, a user hGames engine surprised us thanks to a spectacular recreation work with Unreal Engine 5. It is the lord of the rings, or rather, the imagination of a video game bGames engineed on the saga with an impressive graphic section Thanks to the brand new Epic Games engine. His author is terrible, and must be proud of his work.

Games engine you can see in the video that we leave below, its creator hGames engine not spared in details when recreating many of the most emblematic places and elements of Peter Jackson’s films trilogy: The region, the mount of destiny And the eye of Sauron, the Mines Tirith, the abyss of Helm, Rivendel, the Gollum cave … We do not hide: we would love to see a video game of The Lord of the Rings with such a graphic section.


The lord of the rings: the power rings, on September 2 at Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the great premieres of the year on the television panorama, and it does not surprise us: there wGames engine eager to see a series of the lord of the rings and we are just over three weeks to enjoy it. To entertain the wait and prepare Games engine well Games engine possible, in recent days we have shared with you several reports in which we explore the keys to the Tolkien universe : The origin of the orcs, who are the Nazgul, what are all the Power rings…

On the sidelong, the reGames engineons why Peter Jackson , director, producer and coestrritor of the original films trilogy have not participated in the series have been revealed. Both he and Amazon have given their own version of the facts , although more than shedding light on the matter, the crossing of words hGames engine only served the controversy.