DR DISRESPECT’s studio Midnight Society announced Deadrop . Trial version has been launched for Founders Access Pass owners.

DR DISRESPECT HERSCHEL GUY BEAHM is a US game distributor. Although he was originally active on Twitch, he was suddenly suspended in 2020, and is currently based on YouTube (related articles). The number of registrants on YouTube boasts 4.04 million, and is a popular streamer worldwide.

DR DISRESPECT is known as a game distributor, but worked for SLEDGEHAMMER GAMES for a while. He was involved in the multi-play mode map of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as a level designer. In the distribution, he sometimes showed a pace that has not lost his passion for game production (related article). In December last year, the Game Studio Midnight Society was jointly established. Former Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling and former 343 Industries’s Quinn Delhoyo are named. The first game of the studio was developed as Project Moon.

And this time, the game was renamed DEADROP and was shown. According to the official website, this work will be a competitive Pvpve online FPS. The developer defines this work as Vertical Extraction Shooter. He is aiming for a gameplay that makes escape like ESCAPE from Tarkov in the scale of the battle royal game. It is said that multiple factions will compete in resources and equipment in the near-future city where the global pollution has progressed.

Along with the announcement of the title, Snapshot (short trial version) was distributed to the owner of Founders Access Pass. Founders Access Pass is a NFT (non-fungible token, non-alternative token) sold only for 10,000 people. In addition to Snapshot play rights, it will also be the right to participate in the event. Today, on August 5th, the video that DR DISRESPECT himself played was released.

In the video, you can check the shooting practice using assault rifles and the gloomy near-future city. The stage graphics look rich, but the game play is still in the early development stage. DR DISRESPECT also describes this work as a state of Bare B1. He mentioned the addition of lean (action that leans the body left and right) and gun recoil patterns as a game mechanics that wants to improve in the future.

For this work, Snapshot will be distributed once every six weeks in the next six weeks. Each will be able to experience the important aspects of the game. Snapshot players are also able to distribute videos and streaming in addition to screenshots. Therefore, the development process of this work may be shared regularly through Snapshot players.

The developer Midnight Society announced a partnership with Polygon Studio, which specializes in blockchain games and NFT. It has revealed that NFT will be introduced for this work. According to Dexerto, Midnight Society explains to users that NFT is an optional element, not a game to make money (Project Moon).

DEADROP is currently under development by Midnight Society.