The absurd and bizarre humor has been something that has always had a very fanatic public in Spain . With Nui girl as the main pioneer of this type of comedies so eccentric and peculiar, it was not until the arrival of the Internet when this genre exploded completely. It is here when in 2006, a couple of young comedians called Xavi Daura and Esteban Navarro took their first video on a platform that had barely taken their first steps such as YouTube and in a channel with the name of their duo: Come nuns **.

Over the years, the humorous duo would begin to to leave his hole on the platform , with legendary videos such as communion pants, forgive for the delay or his mythical questions on the street. However, what would give the definitive push to stardom would be nothing more and nothing less than a very gross parody of the Simpsons , under the name of gives your own and with a cast of actors and humorists unknown to many but who fulfilled their role.


Does Suisa, the best parody that could have been made of the Simpsons

For those who have never seen this megaparodia, Da Suisa recounts different very famous chapters of the Simpsons with recreations far removed from reality , a gigantic mantle of irony and a humor as spicy as bizarre next to the motto of Keep it cuts to give more emphasis on this type of comedy. Chapters such as Frank Grime, Bart sells his or monorrail’s soul, have versioned in the most absurd way possible, reaching an average of more than 100,000 views per chapter ** and a huge amount of positive comments.

With almost 50 chapters behind him in almost 10 years of history of the series, Da Suisa has become a must for all those user who loves absurd and bizarre humor . Because if we have to get something wrong with the series, it is not for everyone: it is a wave that if you know how to surf will be an incredible experience, but that if it is not your guy you will absolutely understand anything and will bore you in less than What a rooster sings.

All of us who have seen the series agree on the same: It is something so strange and gross that it is very unlikely that we see something similar in the future , since they are the ones who created a lore around all the characters, inventing names and phrases that have remained for history. In addition, it turns out to be extremely addictive due to the short and intense that becomes its chapters and, having almost half a hundred episodes, we can eat about twenty in a little more than an hour.

A legacy for history

There are many humorists and creators of content of the new era that have had Venngamonjas and Suisa as referents . Without going any further, Chuso has been one of the streamers of Twitch that has most promulgated this series in its direct in the best way, imitating its characters while taking out a run of no-hit or while playing with the Croma for one reason or another. Even those who sat down have collected fruits of this success as Ernesto Sevilla , the most visible face of the news of Nui girl with Joaquín Reyes.

Broncano has also received the influence of this bizarre family, collaborating even with the nuns and the genius Miguel Noguera, which even left a mark on the resistance with the acting of his worm.

We do not know exactly if Morgan or Grasse Bort will return to do crazy things in the city of Springfield to Catalan, but we only have words of thanks for Xavi and Esteban, which even the latter almost participates in Eurovision with Rigoberta Bandini to promulgate Da Homa’s word throughout the old continent. The legacy that nuns have left beyond this parody is demential and few humorists of today and the future will dare as much as these, with disgusting shows but at the height of what has always been its your own: An acidic and bizarre humor but addictive to more. You are eternal.