Skins’ sale is key to the sustainability of League of Legends . Riot Games artists are responsible for having already launched more than a thousand cosmetics that are distributed among all the champions of the game and each patch includes more appearances. We know that the company can enter several million euros with each of the launches, being the main source of income thanks to the commitment of the community. The players turn with each new version of their favorite hero. However and as we know, they do not always do it to the same extent.


The best-selling skins in the history of League of Legends

The sales of each skin can vary depending on the character, how close Riot Games with the artistic design or the marketing campaign. It is something that developers do not want to give too many data, but what they have talked about on some occasions. Among them, the times stand out in which they have had which are the best-selling cosmetics in the history of League of Legends. We cannot offer as many details as we would like, but establish the top positions of the classification **.

The truth is that the data are revealing, especially in relation to the best-selling skins of all time. It is one of the most expensive aspects of the game that is between the two highest positions on the list. Not even a price exceeding 20 euros scared the players. Everything is said, Elementalist lux also had something in his favor. After all, we are talking about the undoubted best appearance of one of the most played characters worldwide. In addition, there are still many who consider it the best definitive cosmetic that has reached League of Legends.

At the same height as elementary lux and also officially confirmed by Riot Games is Project: Vayne . With a legendary rarity, the truth is that it was one of the first attempts to introduce visual elements on the players’ screens making us see the video game as if we wear the helmet that the champion uses in her skin. It is a formula that since then they have repeated adding very interesting winks. However, they have not been able to accumulate such success. Everything is said, the appearance is somewhat more affordable and the shooter is also extremely popular. The case is very similar in Jinx Guardiana de las Stars , although with this there was not so much technological waste.

Continuing with the list, we find two characters that have similar situations. Jhin cosmic darkness was the best-selling aspect of 2019 and Lee without divine fist had the same honor in 2020, although in this case we only had data from China. The truth is that they maintain the same common characteristics. All cosmetics on the list are for very popular champions that receive the one that everyone considers their best Skin. Especially striking is the case of Jungla, since divine fist was the first time that Riot Games truly motivated the community to put aside its Muay Thai version, launched many years before.

Riot Games has not revealed how much they entered with these cosmetics, although other curious data has made public. For example, the fact that the cosmetic lines with better results in the history of League of Legends have been k/da , project and Star Guardians . Not surprisingly, they are elements that always return to the game and that usually star their own events. The truth is that they raise tons of money, since Riot has been with billing that exceeds one billion dollars.