FIFA23, the last title of EA’s launch, will show a player movement closer to reality based on Hyper Motion 2, which has developed the motion capture technology that was introduced in previous works. In addition, new play elements such as power shots that can be powerful long-range shots will be introduced, and FIFA 23 crew developed a new dribble system to be introduced on this title and was inspired by Son Heung-min’s play.

EA opened the FIFA 23 producer showcase at the EA Vancouver building, which is producing FIFA 23 on the 14th. In the field, FIFA 23 major contents were introduced and individual interviews were conducted with the developer. The interview was attended by EA Vancho Doskov FIFA Game Play Design Director, and I was able to listen to the details of Korean players in the game.

Doskov said, I was inspired by Son Heung-min when the player planned a new dribbling system that moves with the ball. For he is one of the best dribers in the world. He saw a scene where he scored a nice goal and scored a wonderful goal, and he talked about how he could make a pleasant dribble when he was with the best drie blur.

More specifically, the active touch system, which was first introduced in FIFA 19, is reflected in the dribble. It is a factor that allows the players to respond actively to the ball, and based on this, the crew explained that passes and shots were more diverse, and last year, the goalkeeper received a good evaluation. And in FIFA 23, the active touch system will be applied to the dribble to see the dribble that responds more immediately.

In addition, FIFA 23 asked Son Heung-min’s overall ranking, but I was told that it was difficult to talk because other departments were in charge of. He is one of the best shooters and a player who can shoot a powerful shot with both feet.

One of the new elements that can experience his true face is a power shot that can shoot highly accurate outside the box. Sometimes you can see Son Heung-min a powerful shot like a long-distance shot, but it will be the best moment to play FIFA 23. However, because the power shot is long, it is important to secure enough space to succeed because it is easy to lose the ball from the defender.