The pumping of the character in Genshin Impact is extremely costly, but it is dependent on the character. Although each character can benefit from additional characteristics that can give an increase in the level of up to 90, not all characters cost this additional work. The characters causing damage receive only a small amount of attack from increasing the level, which is completely replaced by increasing the level of weapons and artifacts. That’s all the players need to know about the pumping of characters up to 90 in Genshin Impact.

is it worth increasing the level of characters to 90 in Genshin Impact?

A brief answer sometimes and a long answer it depends . The characters who will benefit the most from the level of up to 90 in Genshin impact: anemo characters and everyone who needs additional protection or hp . While other characters with an increase in the level will increase their HP, protection and attack along with their bonus statistics of ascension, the characters that cause damage do not need an additional attack so much. Characters such as Arastiy Itto , Noel and also hu Tao have limited ways to obtain HP characteristics and protection using how artifacts and their distribution of statistics.


Why ANEMO characters should rise to Genshin Impact

ANEMO characters are unique in that most of their damage depends on their level and elementary skills, or EM . The higher the level of the character of Anemu, the higher his basic damage and the ability to control the crowd. Whirlpool Damage depends only on the level of the character and the number of EM, which makes it attack as well as Crete rather useless statistics among most ANEMO characters. Low-level characters also cannot properly stun or raise enemies with their attacks. The pumping of ANEMO characters up to 90 is the most effective way to increase their damage and general support opportunities for the entire team.

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why the weapon should be pumped up to 90 levels in Genshin Impact

Each weapon Basic attack in Genshin Impact greatly increases the character’s damage. The weapon, along with the character level, is the easiest way to increase the character’s attack, and then is built using plumage artifact and both attack and attack% statistics and additional statistics. With an increase in the character level to 90, the level of attack received is extremely low compared to increasing the level of weapons to 90. An additional characteristic of the weapon also increases with an increase in level, which gives the characters more incentives for this.

Почему прокачка персонажей Def/HP стоит того в Genshin Impact

Although many characters do not benefit much from increasing the level to 90, protection as well as hp scaling symbols. This is due to the fact that both of these characteristics are more difficult to raise or require players of really good throws. Artifact Additional statistics. Protection and HP increase much more than the basic attack with an increase in the level, increasing the survival of the characters and giving the characters, like hu Tao or Itto more damage.

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