The restroom is scary sufficient, but McDonald’s discovered something even scarier in the shower room, Lisa’s headless body in the bathtub. It’s a troubling picture as well as the remains is only in the bath tub at the beginning of the game, when the washroom door is closed as well as can not be accessed under regular game conditions.

Check out McDonald’s other in-game explorations in this video uploaded to YouTube.

McDonald would certainly later discover Lisa’s corpse in the game information. At the start of the game, there is a door in the hallway that leads to the bathroom. Gamers can not access the washroom up until they resolve a problem later on in the intro. Once players get in the bathroom, they discover a weird fetus-like animal making sounds in the sink.

The game was going to be released by Konami as well as routed by Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear fame. A break in between Kojima and also Konami led to Kojima leaving Konami and also doingFatality Strandinginstead.Silent Hillshas been canceled and theP.T.has been gotten rid of from PSN.

The guy is followed by a strange ghost, which gamers have presumed to be a woman named Lisa. After leaving the loop, you enter a deserted street and the male ends up being played by American actor Norman Reedus.

A couple of weeks earlier, McDonald found a scary method thatP.T.used to communicate that Lisa was still following the gamer.

_ P.T.was a playable teaser forSilent HillsAmazingly dropped on the PlayStation Network in 2014. A break in between Kojima and Konami led to Kojima leaving Konami as well as doingDeath Strandingrather.Silent Hillshas actually been terminated as well as theP.T.has actually been eliminated from PSN.

Cyberpunk uncovers new tricks inP.T. _, the playable teaser in the meantime terminatedSilent Hillsvideo clip game. The hacker uncovered the brainless body of the supernatural Lisa.

_ P.T.was a usable teaser forSilent HillsAmazingly went down on the PlayStation Network in 2014. The trailer was praised for its ambience as well as creepiness. You play as a mystical male through the first-person camera and get stuck in a limitless loophole with a scary hallway.

A couple of weeks ago, McDonald found a creepy technique thatP.T.utilized to share that Lisa was still adhering to the gamer. Lisa is always behind the gamer.


Regardless of this, the tradition ofP.T.continues, with numerous indie computer game taking inspiration from it. Several followers are still captivated by the intro, as well as a number of have actually hacked the game to discover new points.