Playings (CEO Lim Sung-bum) announced on the 5th (Korea time) that the app version of the social casino game ‘Slotmate’ will be serviced in four Asian countries such as Japan by channeling method of the global messenger line.


‘Slot Mate’ is a social casino game that has recorded the top five casino genres since its launch in HTML5-based Facebook Instant Games. In March, the company launched the App Version in North America, Europe and some Asian countries, and this four countries are attracting attention with the launch of specialized areas such as Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The company said that it is expected to respond with various social devices optimized for the line that has become a popular messenger in four countries and contents such as 100 kinds of casual slots.

The Playings, which provides games and social networking to more than 800,000 users a day in the global market, will expand the market and genre to HTML5 and various new games based on App.

Playings is a mid-sized game developer with sales of 37.5 billion won in 2021, focusing on HTML5-based games, which are showing remarkable growth in overseas markets. Playings is the first social casino genre game to enter the Weix Platform and plans to introduce a new work that is developing aiming for a popular blockchain social casino game.