Flame (Lee Ho-jong), a former league of legend professional gamer and enchant (formerly Roll Hardcoretory station), will start broadcasting ‘Roll Hardcore Training’ on June 28 (Tue). The broadcast is a participatory content that provides solutions to share and grows with viewers and provides solutions for growth.

If the story is selected, the user’s roll nickname, tier, and concerns will be shared in the broadcast and YouTube video of the flame, and as the game progresses, of the applicant’s is also provided. For more information on how to apply, please visit Enchant Instagram . Even if it is not selected for the story, the applicant will be paid 10,000 won through the lottery, and the Intel Ben Brand page is also conducting review event .

On the other hand, Flame’s roll hardcore training will be in progress until the first broadcast on the 28th, and the YouTube replay video can be checked after a week after live broadcasting. The broadcast will be held in the Twitch Flame Channel .