Many of the most famous serial killers in history have not only murdered, but have also taken advantage of these homicides to create giant puzzles in the most macabre way possible by pure morbidity of trying to be Discover the police or cause general fear among the inhabitants of the city. There are examples of this as the murderer of the Zodiac, Charles Manson or Jack the Ripper. **

But this time, in the urban legends of the anime, we will talk about a case that was quite curious for the world of anime, since it was a murderer who left only one note with his victims: WATHI WA KIRA DES Or in Spanish, I am Kira.

Death Note, the anime par excellence

For those who do not know the work, Death Note is a manga written by Tsugumi ōba and drawn by Takeshi Obata who tells the story of Light Yagami , a young and intelligent Japanese student who got by chance the Death Note, a notebook with a black cover with its name inscribed in it that has the power to kill anyone with just write their name and surname, provided that the bearer mentally visualizes the face of the person who wants to kill.

The adaptation of the anime became irremediably into an unprecedented success , becoming a work that passes beyond the Japanese industry and that has a huge amount of fans anxious of new works by the author. Well, it turns out that a very famous murder that occurred in Belgium was directly inspired by an anime by a simple but enormously effective note.

A tribute to the most macabre work

On Friday September 28, 2007 , two pedestrians found parts of a mutilated corpse, the torso and two thighs, in Dudenpark in Forest in Brussels, Belgium. After finding this body, the police began to collect evidence about the murder and found near the place where the homicide occurred two quite suspicious notes with the following: WatSahi Wa Kira desss or I am Kira in Spanish. The victim’s location was very close to the highest point in Brussels, possibly a more than symbolic place since Kira acts as the god of death in the manga using the Death Note of him.

An advertisement in a newspaper of The area requested several witnesses to collect information , being the one who most approached a blond man who was in that same place where the victim was found two days later, in addition to seeing the same man one day after the facts. The witness thought that the man was sleeping and did not pay much attention, but he did not ensure that the man was the victim.

The police established a cooperation with the working group Corpus, which was involved in the investigation of the serial killer The Mons butcher and a similar modus operandi was carried out. A month after the facts, news was published in a Belgian newspaper in which it was stated that detectives had not yet achieved any advance in the case. No one reported no person, body or body parts.

Finally, on September 20, 2010 , the Belgian newspaper LE SOIR announced that the Police arrested four people for the murder . Three people were arrested for homicide and one was arrested for not providing assistance to a person in danger. Two of the four people confessed , according to a prosecutor from Brussels. However, The guilty person has not yet been identified publicly **, so it is still a total mystery for foot people. This only causes Kira’s legend to continue increasing and creating a shadow that does not seem to disappear.