Summer Games Done Quick (hereafter, SGDQ) is the world’s largest RTA event held in the United States every summer. It is a charity event held to donate to organizations such as the Doctors without Borders, and the SGDQ 2021 held last year has a 300 million yen or more donations.

The event has been held online for the past two years, but this time it will be held offline since 2019, and will be held at a hotel in Minnesota from June 27 (Mon) to July 3 (Sun). (Japan time). Some of the participants have a speed lantern player who participate in remotely, so they are not completely offline, but will be held in the first online and offline mixed format. You can check the schedule of the event here.

From now on, I will introduce the title that the writer, Tonkotsu, who is planning to participate as a runner in this event, is paying attention to it. The start date and time are all as of June 24, based on Japan time. Please note that the start time may vary greatly depending on the event.

Monday, June 27, 7:58-Kirby Discovery

March 25, the release date of this work, was only one week before the end of this event application. The RTA of this work, which has been pioneered in a short period of one week, and has achieved a clear time 3-hour , has later optimized routes, including the discovery of hammer bugs., The world record of Any%(no achievement) at the time of writing this article (June 2022) is 1 hour 39 minutes 17 seconds .

The runner MR_SHASTA will also show off the run of Reading Made in Wario at 4:21 on the same day.

Saturday, July 2, 0:08-Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

It was a remake of Pokemon Diamond Pearl released in 2006, and it became a hot topic that there were many bugs immediately after the release. In the Any% glitchless category used this time, 3 hours 19 minutes 34 seconds is a global record at the time of this writing. The mainly used Pokemon is Jungerer that can be obtained by exchanging with NPC. It is also worth paying the route unique to the remake version, as the Jungerer, which is not used in the original RTA, has been active due to changes in the skills to learn.

Also, as one of the bonus games that will be shown when the donation reaches a certain amount, Any%(with bugs) is also included in the schedule. This category is introduced in the past on this site, so please see the following article.

[RTA Special] Battle is only once and in just 15 minutes. Pokemon Daipari Makeup Speedrun Evolution and now

Sunday, July 3, 11:01-Super Mario 64

Needless to say, this work, the monument of 3D action, has been very popular in RTA. The 120 STAR category, which has been adopted since 2017 (bonus game frame), has about 500 runners on the major recorded accumulation site

In this category, the world record struggle is still active, and the record introduced in GAME*Spark last November has been updated for 3 seconds by CHEESE since March this year.

This runner, Simply, was a powerful person who had a world record from May 2020 to January 2021. At the time of writing this article, it has the fourth place in the world, 1 hour 38 minutes 15 seconds .

July 3rd (Sun) 13:21-Elden Ring

The last pick-up is the popular action RPG ELDEN RING released this year by From Software. One and a half months after its release, it was a topic of this work that was talked about in less than 10 minutes, but this is limited to the Any% Untricted (no achievement, no limit) category. ZIP Grich, which makes 10 minutes cut, is a very unstable technique that depends on the performance of the PC, so it is prohibited to use it in other categories.

This time, two categories will be performed: All RemembranceS and Any%(bonus game frame). Hyp3rsomniac, who runs in the latter, has been certified in Guinness Record in the category. It is expected to be a run that decorates the big bird of this event.

As mentioned above, in this article, we have carefully selected four titles and introduced personal attention, but the runs that were not mentioned this time are only high-level ones that can be said to be the culmination of each speed run community. As a Japanese runner, Shikada will be online online, including Shikada’s Shinki Miko-Kamiko- and Super Donkey Kong.

The pattern of this event will be distributed on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel, and the archive will be uploaded to YouTube, but you can enjoy it in various languages not only in English distribution of the original family but also in official mirror distribution in each country. increase. On the Twitch channel of Japanese RESTREAM , you can watch this event with volunteer Japanese commentary. The Japanese version schedule is also available, so if you are interested in the RTA scene, please check if there is a familiar title.

Games Done Quick returned offline for the first time in two years. Why don’t you spend the week of RTA pickled while feeling the heat over the screen?