Publisher Neon Doctrine announced on June 20 that it will release Hazel Sky on July 20. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The game seems to support Japanese display. It was announced that this work will be released in June this year, but it will be released one month later.

Hazel Sky is a 3D adventure game. The stage is the world of the sky. The main character, Shane, spent a distant island from his hometown of Gideon for some reason. Shane is said to be an fate to become an engineer. But in order to be recognized as an engineer, he has to overcome the challenges. He repairs the tattered airships while collecting materials on a lonely island.


In this work, we adventure on the island. He gets repair parts for aircraft around forests, caves, and sandy beaches. On the island, he is alone, but his heart is not al1. The radio is connected to a friend who wants the same engineer. Shane changes through communication and adventure with his friend Erin.

This work is more like an adventure game than a survival game. Explore various places and collect items. The Steam store page also states, Let’s feel peace and quietness in a spectacular world. On the other hand, during the adventure, the end of those who failed in training will be revealed, and there seems to be a depiction of death, and the story is likely to be heavy.

Development is Brazilian indie studio COFFEE Addict Studio. The studio has released the Dark Soul-like action game BLADE & BONES in the past. The work was originally scheduled to be released from Another Indie, but the publisher was a rebrand to NEON DOCTRINE. The name has changed, but it will be released in the same group as the announcement.

Hazel Sky will be released on July 20 for PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. The demo version is also being distributed in Steam.