Containers for samples are a rare item used to store aliens samples in The Cycle: Frontier.

Unlike most other items in the game, a container with samples is not used in any print recipe. However, it is used to update your cache to increase the place in the inventory.

In addition, containers with samples are associated with the Osiris fraction, which specializes in science. Therefore, every container that you find will bring you 5 points of the faction.

You can also sell a container with samples for 506 K-Marks, but only if you have them in abundance.

The next leadership will show you where to find containers with samples in The Cycle: Frontier.

Cycle: The location of containers with Frontier samples

Containers with samples can only be found in refrigerators and cabinets for civilians. The coolers have the highest chance of the appearance of 20.24% in the areas of level 1, which makes their farm relatively light.

location of containers for Bright Sands samples


Bright Sands mainly have only a couple of places that will give you containers with samples. Go to the Laboratory of the Falls in the North and the Lomba Camp below. The jungle camp on the far eastern border of the card will also give you several containers.

Otherwise, the rest of the card is empty. There is no reason to make all the way to the communication tower or water utility only in order to get one or two containers with samples.

location of containers for samples Crescent Falls

For comparison, Cresscent Falls has much more places with a much larger number of containers with samples.

Start your farm from the green avenue in the center of the map, and then go straight up to find more containers along with forests.

The Nutrion Farms warehouse in the upper left corner and Pinnacle Labs in the upper right corner of the card have a large number of containers for samples and are probably the best places to visit the game.

In Nutrion Farms Processing and Favela in the extreme south there are also many containers with samples for production.