Silk Song existed.

On June 13, the substance of Hollo Knight’s Hollo Knight: Silk Song (hereinafter ) was revealed in the Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase.

Silk Song is a title that fans of Hollo Nights around the world have been waiting for. Hollo Knight, which was released in 2017, has gained many fans with unique art, beautiful animation, excellent action, and immersive stories.

In 2019, the fans were enthusiastic when the sequel to Hornet’s main character, Hornet, was released. Unfortunately, no news has been heard since then. In order to make sense, the 19th Corona incident broke out in early 2020, causing game companies around the world to develop difficulties, and the rumors of development failure have not been ceased as Australia’s developer team cherry continues to silence silence.

Finally, Silk Song appeared in the Xbox game showcase. In the corresponding video of about 1 minute and 20 seconds, you can check the more cheerful actions of Hornet, various enemies, and beautiful arts and animations as before. The high quality revealed in the trailer is expected to be a game that will be a valuable game for a long time.

However, in this video, the specific release date of Silk Song was not disclosed. There is only a guidance to enter the game pass on the day of its launch.

But there is hope. Microsoft said in an official Twitter account, All games presented at today’s event can be played within the next 12 months. One fan asked, Is it means that can be played within 12 months? Therefore, the release date of the Silk Song will be within the next year.