The story of FFXIV has dragged on for over 10 years, has about 1,000 specific missions, thousands of hrs of play and numerous cutscenes. In areas, she can be actually tough as well as shed enjoyment, yet her highlights left some FFXIV gamers and also the one in charge in tears as well as psychologically totally tired.

Final Fantasy XIV is understood for his long-lasting story, which will certainly continue with every addon. Below is the initial part of the absolute highlights that the Meinmmo author Irina Moritz accumulated after several sleep deprived evenings.

It was not very easy to discover just 10 from the numerous minutes that were really the most effective. So I just dedicated myself to the major story, without side missions, and also 2 minutes per addon. It is also not a position, or else we would certainly sit here till January.

Focus: This post normally consists of heavy spoilers to the full story of FFXIV. So if you are still curious about it, you should certainly wait with analysis.

In this write-up I put together the leading 10 that left me the greatest impact and also which I thought concerning days later on. A lot of them are based upon making a long journey with the story at the time and also acquiring the NPCs in it.

a Realm Reborn: break-in on Sonnenwind

The gamer characters are trying to find white wine, there are any kind of approximate tests, travel throughout half the world history just to be able to compete versus the Primae Titan. However when you defeat him and also go back to the sunlight wind as excellent triumphantents, you will discover it completely ruined. The adversaries not just lived around and also rehearsed their bad talks due to the fact that in their lack.

The strike on sunlight wind was the initial huge shock minute within the story as well as was therefore born in mind for me. Even if I did not have a specifically deep connection to the NPCs at the time, the entire Rette Eorzea point ended up being 100 % individual later on.

The raid on Sonnenwind, the headquarters of the federal government, was a critical occasion in A Realm Reborn as well as his timing was really well applied. The gamer character has been on the roadway forever to do a great deal of (often frustrating as well as unnecessary) missions.

In a recall you can see the vicious massacre, which occurred in the head office in the absence of the warriors of the light. It is specifically then that it comes to be clear that the clichéd Muhaha!- poor guys have to do , who are roughly as unsafe as Group Rocket.

a Realm Reborn: The bloody banquet

Within less cutscenes, FFXIV took everything away. Up until after that, it was without a doubt the bitter loss that I needed to take as a FFXIV player. Not only was the Sultana dead, her devoted fan and good pal Raubahn was cut live and in color his left arm.

While running away, all close friends were slowly stayed to stop the pursuers to ensure that the player can leave. For a very long time after the bloody reception, you really did not truly recognize whether you live or were gone forever. The waiting time between A Realm Reborn and Heavensward was truly challenging.

A Realm Reborn was excellent at claiming the gamers an ideal globe. One was the hero that everyone found terrific and also tracks were written about.

But gradually throughout the patches, the sensation slipped in that something was incorrect. The finished at the end of the storyline for the best betrayal within FFXIV. The very own comrades turned against the commitment of the gamer and the dawn was billed with the murder of the Sultana of Ul’ dah.


While the story of FFXIV is continual and also the addons improve each various other, they still have an end and also a shift to the following addon. When Patch 2.55 passed over 8 years ago in Heavensward, a Realm Reborn laid the structure straight.

Heavensward: The fatality of Haurchfaunt

At this moment, too, the programmers use the fatality of a character to make points directly for the gamer . Although the honorable objective was sought in Ishgard to end a thousand years of war, but it was just afterwards Haurchfaunt’s target.

Appropriately, I had and probably barely any person anticipated that Haurch fence not just increased to an important NPC rapidly, however would certainly additionally also give lots of tears within the FFXIV neighborhood.

This shock minute made sure that an excellent component of the Story followers of FFXIV (including me) came to be paranoid. Upset years later, feared by preferred characters that they could bite the yard anytime, such as exarch.

I also assume that really couple of gamers have actually expected this death. After all, it had actually ended up that the Sultana was not infected and the scenario seemed to enhance something.

His story is straight linked to the brutal end of A Realm Reborn. He makes sure that the players find haven in Ishgard and also stands out with his favorable means and also assistance . In the end, he compromises his own life to save the player.

FFXIV developers are proficient at introducing NPCs right into the story, which initially glance encountered entirely discreetly. They give the gamer a few quests, possibly they contribute in some cut scenes, however you really think that it will also more than afterwards.

Heavensward: The liberation of Estinia

To do this, he takes control of the body of Estinia, a good NPC close friend with which you can take place a journey in Heavendward.

In a legendary duel on the bridge to Ishgard, the bros Hraesvelgr as well as Nidhogg just deal with against each various other, however after Hraesvelgr, the gamer personality comes forward in a bathass minute.

The patches with the number X. 3 have actually been something unique in FFXIV for years. They are constantly presented top-notch and mark the last end of the story of the current add-on. I am always extremely fired up concerning these updates as well as numerous others are similar.

The real shock moment complies with after the success over Estinia, which is stressed by Nidhogg. In a hopeless effort to damage the dragon control and also remove its eyes from the shield, the player character obtains unforeseen aid.

The two dead characters have been fencing as well as Ysayle, who had actually given up, return one last time to save Estinia . Even after 5 years, it is without a doubt one of my favorite minutes in the story of FFXIV and a worthy final thought to a legendary story hair.

Nonetheless, it started with the overblown spot 3.3 from Heavensward, which supplied the basis for this. In the story of 3.3 there is a decisive battle against the vengeful spirit of the dragon Nidhogg, which wishes to ruin the country of Ishgard.

Stormblood: The liberation of Doma

I liked the action sheet around Doma as well as his personalities far more than the Ala-Mhigo part of the story of Stormblood and also the bitter success over the Garlear was the absolute highlight of it.

More highlights from Stormblood, Shadowbringers and also Endwalker will certainly comply with in the second component of the list on Monday, June 13th.

The Addon Stormblood had the rotten luck to appear after the incredibly popular Heavensward and is not extremely high in lots of FFXIV players. I am likewise not a huge fan of Stormblood, but it still has a few minutes when his story truly radiates.

Among them is the liberation of Doma from the guideline of Garlear and most of all the vicious vice-heel Yotyu, who tortures individuals there daily as well as is supposed to break her will. Yotsuyus structure As a bad guy, the opening night prospers as well as towards completion of the cut scene I was quite looking forward to frying one in the future.

The final battle for Doma Castle was consequently a highlight. You stormed the dungeon, there were structures and also surges almost everywhere as well as you would finally have the ability to expense with Yotsuyu.

The battle was won, yet not without a high rate. The allied personality Gosetsu, who has come with the players considering that a Realm Reborn, was buried along with Yotsuyu under the debris of Doma.

FFXIV: One of the most essential thing in Endwalker occurs from an old saga that most of us know

Final Fantasy XIV is recognized for his enduring story, which will continue with every addon. The very own associates transformed against the commitment of the player as well as the dawn was billed with the murder of the Sultana of Ul’ dah.

He makes certain that the gamers discover haven in Ishgard as well as stands out with his favorable way as well as support . They are constantly staged superior as well as mark the last end of the story of the existing add-on. Yotsuyus structure As a bad guy, the first look succeeds as well as towards the end of the cut scene I was really much looking onward to frying one in the future.