Diablimoral , which is regarded as a problem with the high dependence of charges in the strengthening of characters in the game, was quite shocking news.

QUIN69, a streamer on Twitch, has been charged multiple times with Diablimortal . The cumulative billing amount reached the US-$ 6,600-US $ 10,300, but the 5-star Legendary Gem, which was won, is surprising. It seems that no one is out.

Considering the total amount of this total amount, which is equivalent to 890,000 yen in Japanese yen, it can be said that it is extreme here.

The gacha of Diablimortal has a so-called ceiling that guarantees high rare items according to a certain bill, but the 5-star Legendary Gem, which is the highest rare, has the probability of obtaining it. About 1 %.

As an example, Harajin, which I am addicted to, is about 20,000 yen, the highest rare guarantee, the guarantee for pickups for about 40,000 yen, and no matter how bad you are, you can do what you want with a certain billing. It is a mechanism that can be obtained.

It is a nightmare for gacha lovers that no matter how much you charge, but it is also true that the joy of coming out is a single. Gacha is moderately I want to tell myself.