One of the most anticipated games of the year is _Bayonetta 3, a title announced almost five years ago during a transmission of The Game Awards, and from that moment not they had news to a live of 2021 . However, much more information has come to light, this until the discovery made by some fans on the Internet.

Through the forums of Reddit, many users commented that the presale of this video game was added to the upper part of the online store of Nintendo, something that had never happened to the game. This suggests that in a very short time they could officially launch the game, although they would also be speculation.

It is worth commenting that in the last trailer it was confirmed that the title developed by Platinum Games would reach some point of 2022 , but a delay can be carried out perfectly. This was already seen with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, which moved until 2023 , news that came out to give the own Eiji Aonuma in a statement.

In news related to Nintendo. Yesterday, if digital store was fallen for more than five hours in a row, this is due to the sale of a specific game that many of them were not so popular. If you want to know what title it is, we leave you the following link.