The remastering of Goldeneye 007 , the RARE classic for Nintendo 64, for Xbox, a project that has been playing since 2008 but that for a long time was believed to be canceled. Today we learn that the achievements of this version, even without announcing, can be consulted directly on the Xbox website.

At the beginning of this year, this list began to appear on websites specialized in monitoring of achievements after several developers were fished by unlocking some of them. Recently, we read in Vandal, it was James Thomas’s profile that left one of these achievements; Thomas is a Rare veteran with experience carrying Nintendo 64 to Xbox games: he was lead Engineer of Rare Replay, the acclaimed compilation of classic games of the British company, which includes games as well known as Banjo-Kazooie or Jet Force Gemini.

Now, the big doubt is when it will be published; The game is not even announced, although there is no lack of who anticipates a surprise launch during the showcase of Xbox and Bethesda, this Sunday.

On the list itself, there is not much to review: to the specific achievements for completing each level, those that refer to the hidden conditions to unlock the tricks and a few focused on the highly remembered multiplayer are added. There is a secret achievement that may have to do with difficulty 007, the custom mode that is unlocked when you finish the game in 00 agent, the highest difficulty.

This Goldeye 007 of Xbox is a classic of the missing games. It was learned for the first time in 2008, when a magazine leaked its existence. The complicated project, which apparently had Nintendo’s approval, ended up canceling for the difficulty of agreeing to all those involved (from Eon Productions, owner of James Bond, to Pierce Brosnan and the rest of the film’s actors, that also had to accept the use of their image), a clash of licenses that ended up preventing the project from reaching a port. In 2010 it was published in Xbox 360 the remastering of Perfect Dark, the other shoter of Rare for Nintendo 64; Until recently, that game was the closest to Goldeneye 007 that we had in Xbox, and the most tangible show of how the remaster had not been canceled.


Until recently, I say, because Goldeneye 007 of Xbox ended up leaking: last year, someone published a totally playable version of the project. This build, very close to what would have been the final, was given by good part of the original team; In his day, Digital Foundry published a long video playing this filtered version and analyzing the technical part of remastering.