Recently, the work of reincarnated things is popular. Oh, I’ve been a long time ago… (Uncle)

The destination is usually a different world, but there are also patterns from the Warring States period. No matter where you are skipped, it’s still a warrior with modern knowledge.

And if I was skipped in the Warring States period, how it would make up… Red up tea and Akane!

This time, it is the Nintendo Switch version of Taiko Richi DX released by Koei Tecmo Games.

Taiko Richi-Shiden V, released in 2004, is a reception game (a genre that combines RPG and simulation) to become a person from the Warring States period and walk around Japan at the time. Players can aim for the unification of the world as a samurai, dominate the Japanese economy as a merchant, keep training as a swordsman, or even live without being tied up as a ronin. Good… you can aim for such a feeling of Riki.

Taiko Ri-Shiden V DX with HD remasters includes additional elements such as new characters and new scenarios, as well as useful functions such as auto-save.

The resale of tea and Akane at the beginning is the most famous and simple policy of this work. In the old days, I was hooked on the original version, and I was just working for the resale of tea and Akane. , in fact, there is no way to be able to get into the real Warring States period with the knowledge of the game.

Following the historical facts or aiming for a historical IF…?

The protagonist can be selected from a total of 960 characters, but only five characters can be selected immediately after the game starts. The five have their own jobs, such as samurai, merchants, ninjas, swordsmen, and pirates, so choose the one that suits your play style.

I chose Yoshiro Kinoshita from among them. Speaking of Riki Sakae, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who climbed from farmers to heavenly people.

The story begins in 1560 when Fujiro Kinoshita, who serves Nobunaga Oda, became Ashigaru.

Samurai play, which serves the monarch, is given the main order of regular rating. If you do your own order, your merit will rise and you can get more and more.

There are various main liability. This time, we sell soldiers and earn 1200 as military funds.

I just needed to go to a town where the price of soldiers is high, but I sold the soldiers quickly in a techoteau town, got money, and purchased trade items at a cheap price. It sells this high in other towns. Sengoku Tenbayer.

This work has a number of ways to make money, such as doing the job requested in the seat, doing a bouncer at a bar, and aiming for a gathering with a rivalry. It would be nice to have abundant means for purpose.

Trade items have different market prices for each town, so if you can run around towns all over Japan and find a place to sell high, you will be able to make a profit, but on the way, you may be attacked by pirates aimed at trade.

Battle with the pirates begins!

If you select the destination and decide the direction of attack, the enemy and friend will start acting all at once.

At this time, if you enter the enemy within your attack range, you can attack, and if you enter the enemy’s attack range, you will be damaged. In other words, act by predicting the position where the opponent moves.

But it’s hard to hit…

After that, I changed my name to Hideyoshi Hashiba and continued to serve Nobunaga as a historical fact, but it is a game that can spin history freely, so let’s live more freely. **

so… I immediately rebelled!

Farewell, Nobunaga Oda. Hideyoshi Hashiba will have the world! I was enthusiastic about it.

The military funds quickly bottomed out, and the vassals who believed in Hideyoshi came away one after another, saying, If you can’t get a salary, I’ll leave **. Well, was the rebellion earlier?

Sneak into Nobunaga’s residence to get a novice rebellion…

Hi, I’m really angry…

Merchant play in Ori-chara! Enjoy in the brain story

If you proceed with the game to some extent, you will be able to create an original character and select it as a hero.

The appearance of the character is made by combining prepared parts such as eyes and mouth. Personality and background can be set.

However, there was no Mohawk, my hairstyle, so I made it a shaved head version, which is a hairstyle for returning home.

In addition to the protagonist, the original character can appear in the game, so I made a familiar member in the picture diary.

Despite having a wife and child, Ohara-kun, my friend, who enjoyed an unemployed period for two years.

Abe-kun, a friend, is also a personality compared to Ohara-kun’s impact.

And Mr. Magema, the editor. Recently, he has appeared as a teacher in Yukirei’s four-frame manga Mahoroba Komachi Haruhino. The appearance of short hair and glasses looks the same as Uncle Yoshida, so I had a cat covered to differentiate.

By the way, everyone is a Pooh ronin.

In 1568, Uncle Yoshida lived at Puotaro at the age of 34.

This is fine! I was planning to take the world as a merchant with my friends in various places. **

Abe-kun and Magema are in other towns, but Ohara is in the same town as Uncle Yoshida.

If I have a store, I’ll hire me, so wait.

Let’s have a merchant first hire to be a merchant.

I learned the skills of the tea ceremony in advance so that my husband of the merchant family could like it, and sold the aphrodisiac.

In the merchant play, there is a rating by a merchant, just like a warrior play.

This time, I was instructed to sell a teahime called Hashihime for more than 500.

There are statuses called skills, such as Ashigaru, guns, arithmetic, and valve tongue.

If the skill level of Ashigaru and guns is high, the war will be advantageous, and if the arithmetic or tongue is high, negotiations with others will work.

The level goes up when a person with each skill is undergoing a skill.

I had almost no skill level because it was just after the start of the game. Thanks to Hashihime, the deadline came without selling.

However, Hashihime decided that she was selling. She cut her money and paid fake sales.

I’m glad I had a lot of money I got from the resale of tea and Akane… **

Ori-chara, gather under Yoshida’s flag!

Uncle Yoshida, who continued to cut her coins and continued to accumulate false merit, was successful from her apprentice to hand.

Now that she has made a hand, she can solicit employees at my discretion.

When she visited the town of Saiga to buy a gun, she invited Ronin Abe-kun. It’s a gluttonous guy who doesn’t always let go of rice balls.

Let’s solicit Ohara-kun and Magema in this condition.

…… Ohara-kun, I wondered if I was living an unemployed ronin life anyway ……

It’s like getting a job at a famous company. I betrayed well…!

If I have my own store someday, I’ll forcibly pull it out at gifts and tea ceremony.

Let’s make the determination of a new merchant.

The number of main games to be received according to their career has increased, and they are busy west to east. In addition to handing out the main order, do not forget to shop for personal trade items. Thanks to that, my bosom is pop.

What I am so enthusiastic now is the collection of tea utensils. ** When serving tea to a high-ranking person, you need a highly valuable tea utensils and is perfect for gifts.

You can buy tea utensils at the store, but can be sold by peddlers. However, since it is an unrecognized state, it is not known whether it is valuable until you buy and judge. It’s like a gacha.

It’s easy to find out the truth of things if you work in a merchant and see a lot of first-class products.

Father, give me the tea scoop!

was just an earpick…

He has attacked a whimsical and famous Sengoku warlord, has made an unknown samurai a family, and enjoys the historical IF. This time, we delivered a Nintendo switch version of the play picture diary, but the Steam version has an event editing function, so it seems to be enjoyable for a longer time!

However, I felt the old smell because the UI was basically the original version. Also, during the battle, a few second loads may be entered, and there were situations where the tempo was poor. The Nintendo Switch version has the impression that the operation is more overall than the original version for the PC that was playing at the time. On the other hand, the Steam version has seen the part where operability has deteriorated due to the change in the UI, and it seems that the pros and cons are evaluated (at the time of the article on May 31, 2022).

After that, I would be glad if more high-speed mode was added in the movement and battle part on the field. I look forward to future updates!

Taiko Ri-Shushiden V DX is on sale for Nintendo Switch/PC.