Briefly mentioned in our list of the best champions of patch 12.10 of League of Legends, Janna has since become the champion with the best rate of victories in the game (54 %). Many people expected it to be strong again in this version, since the improvement of ADC could only benefit the champion.

At the same time, the reduction of healing and the shields affected its main rivals in the role of sorcerers, while this NERF is less effective in it. Since there will be no change in patch 12.11, and one The ADCs will not really be affected, except for the Kraken Nerfs and the LETAL COMPAST Rune, Janna should be one of the best to choose champion to get rank in the coming weeks.

Janna, a champion as easy as effective

The objective here is not to make a guide, but quickly explain why she is so strong. Janna is played with the glacial increase rune, which creates a slowdown area by immobilizing an opponent. This rune is quite strong in Botlane, since the ADC and support are usually close, so place CC in one of the two also becomes the insurance to slow the other.

** With her slowdown in the W and her blow in the Q, Janna can place her CC very easily. First it slows the opponent, then sends his tornado when he can no longer dodge. They can retaliate. Janna’s shield, like the others, has seen her absorption capacity reduced, but the ad bonuses that she provides from her have not been affected.

Remember that at level 5 of Janna, her shield still provides the equivalent in ad of a peak . The number of items that have been carried out when the botlanes reach this level is quite large and, therefore, creates situations in which a shooter has the equivalent of 875 gold in addition to other things, which he can use in his complete rotation of Skills, at least until the shield is destroyed.

how to counteract Janna’s power

The whole problem is there. The healers that are generally a good response against Janna take the worst part of the general healing and the reduction of the shield, while Janna is only partially affected. Therefore, this answer is no longer so relevant these is so relevant days for this simple reason. Pokeo or Burst magicians can be a good answer, although Brand will receive a NERF in 12.11 that will make it less effective.

** Vel’koz and Xerath are still good responses, since their excellent reach allows them additional damage. However, you must be careful, the support magicians are not at their best, so you must take into account that, although Vel’koz and Xerath are good answers, they are not necessarily good champions of blindpick today.