We will deliver the play report of the horizontal scrolling STG for PCs “ drainus ” for PCs, which was distributed with the announcement at “INDIE LIVE EXPO 2022”!

As you can see from the trailer, this work is a so-called horizontal scrolling STG. If only the story of this work is exported to the game play, the protagonist, who seized the latest fighter drilling of the Carlal Empire, has a frog-like appearance, Genny, fled from the Caral Empire to save his sick father. Aiming for a star… The player manipulates drainas and fights with the chasing Carlal Empire.

Fun game play packed with STG title tribute from the past!

Since this work is a horizontal scrolling STG, the operation is the Xbox controller, the left stick moves on the left, the A button is normal shot, the B button is the absorption of light energy attacks, the X button is a superbomb, the LB button changes the movement speed. It is a slow mode (low-speed movement) in RB.

The difficulty level is easy, normal, and hardware. Before the start of game play, it has a tutorial, and the exchanges of the tutorial will lead to gameplay.

Stage 1 fights with the carral empire, which has been pursued by dragging on the desert planet Halpax. The first thing that surprises you when you play is the rich dot-style graphic that moves smoothly and smoothly (according to the official Twitter of Team Ladybug, it also uses 3D dot painting technology). After fighting for a while, I entered the sandstorm, and when I passed there, I entered a rat-type medium boss battle. If you defeat the middle boss, you will pass through the atmosphere and jump into space, but immediately after that, the planet Halpax will be destroyed.

After passing through the rock area, which seems to be the debris of the planet, you will finally enter the boss battle. The boss is divided into each stage, the first stage is a big core-like attack that appears in the STG “Gradius”, the second stage is a total of multiple turrets, and in the final stage, a huge unit is installed. A multi-stage attack with puzzles on it. Although it was a flashy attack, it was easy to break through by using enemy energy ammunition absorption.

“Drainus” is also characterized by being able to freely configure power-up forms in addition to normal shots and bombs, but also using enemy ammunition absorption functions. The function expansion is unlocked using the crystal that defeats enemies or obtained, or the energy tank accumulated by absorbing enemy attacks.

Unlocked weapons can be changed in the desired power-up order by incorporating them into the power uplist. In addition, editing power-uplists can be edited not only in the intermission of the stage, but also at any time, and can be composed to the situation and stage. If your own aircraft is hit by one stage, power-up has a function as a life, and if you hit an enemy bullet etc. in a state where everything is gone, it will be treated as “defeat” for the first time. In addition, there is a large number of enemy bullets like a barrage STG, but the fact that there is not much delicate avoidance technique with enemy bullet absorption function + shooting back of the unit also leads to lowering the hurdles of playing games.

“Drainus” is composed of all six stages on the second lap, but the play time of one stage is about 10 to 15 minutes. There is also a conversation part and it is basically deployed after clearing the stage, but the storytelling in a limited time as a STG will be entertained by using the theme of the second lap. The stage gimmick is also diverse, and the maximum of the terrain of the horizontal scrolling STG, such as a gimmick that rotates an entrance that is only one direction with a shot, or a configuration of invading a giant spacecraft from the rear engine and destroying the core. It is an impression that is used.

Essence of “ drainus ” that can be said to be “STG version” 13 aircraft defense sphere “”

When I first saw the trailer of this work, I had the impression that “STG with a tribute to the tribute has come out again.” The enemy bullet absorption element is “Ikaruga”, and it is full of tribute that makes you want to say “I’ve seen it somewhere”, including the big core enemy of “Gradius” and the attack by your own bits.

However, when I actually played it, I realized that the production and attack method as a tribute were only flavored, and it was a game that was very high quality, which was flashy and easy to play as a shooting game.

“Drainus” just smells a tribute element (although there are some things that are straight-balls such as “rolling bit”…), I felt a lot of science fiction work tribute as a work that kept down to the degree of down to the extent. It was an ADV “Jusan Model Defense Area”, which depicts a kneaded story while putting it inside. “DRAINUS” has such a way of attacking, but has a well-developed story, and is a fun and exciting gameplay.

It is a title that I want you to touch not only for STG fans who can understand various original stories, but also to gamers who are worried about “a little interesting”. “Drane” is being released for PC (Steam). The price is 1480 yen, and it is on sale for a special promotion until May 30 for 10%OFF for 1,332 yen.