I Tried TikTok's 'Promote
Today, one of the most popular platforms is Tiktok, which puts content creators to make short videos that can be useful or simply comply with the entertainment factor. And now, it seems that he will have a different approach, since they already put their eyes on the world of gaming and the players themselves.

The medium Reuters reports that the social network is testing games for application in Vietnam before a “great impulse” in that space. A company representative confirmed the evidence of the mini -games html5 and mentioned:

We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly try new functions and integrations that provide value to our community.

The sources indicate that the plan is for games with advertising that are extracted from the library of your parent company, _byte dance. This could increase the income and the amount of time that people pass in the application. An opportunity that the company will not miss, after all is one of the most seen in the world.

Other social networks in the most recent times have joined the world of gaming, among them are Facebook and Netflix, as the latter already has its own studies for the creation of games. For its part, the platform to publish on the wall is betting on its streamers, who over time are getting more views.