New games for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles appear every month. More than most of us could ever play through, not least because of this, it is all the more important to divide which games we get at all. The whole thing is of course not exactly easier through well-filled subscription services like the Game Pass, so we just wanted to know from you: How many games do you actually buy on average a month?

Can you play Xbox game pass games after it expires?

you rarely spend your money for many games

A total of 2668 votes (as of May 2) record a clear picture, because most of you rarely get more than a game a month:

* 0-1 games (65%, 1,742 votes)

2-3 games * (29%, 779 votes)
4-5 games (3%, 93 votes)
6 or more games (3%, 72 votes)

Many of you also make it clear in the comments that of course it is not an absolute number. If there are several good games out at once or there is a big sale, you get a few more, but maybe none in other months of the year.

that says the community

It is striking that even those of you, who try to buy as few new games as possible, often have a accumulated Pile of Shame that simply does not shrink. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

The Game Pass is also an argument for many to rarely grab your wallet for individual games and instead to fishing a title from the library more often. Others just don’t have enough time to gamble and then prefer to limit themselves to the titles they absolutely want:

Dorument: * “In times of Game Pass, I find myself less and less that I pull out my wallet for new games, at that time I spent between € 200-400 for games a month.”
Julikes: “On the console I may buy 2-3 games a year. I bought the PS5 so that I can play the exclusive games Day 1, otherwise the console is not used so often.”
Melvin1000 *: “Thanks to Game Pass 0-1 game. The first this year was now Elden Ring. I just have enough to play and if you get something big is bought. Above all, the GP relieves this feeling of” ” Oh again something new on the screen would be cool “feeling, and I don’t buy that next game so quickly.”

Those of you, who buy significantly more in a month, often have a certain reason for this, be it the trophy or because you collect old games:

Saberrider52: * “For a few years, gaming has also been gambled for me. Almost 700 games are on my shelf – mainly for PS4, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360. However, the costs should not explode. I invest about € 30 in games. This can be a budget title or a small stack used title from Rebuy, Ebay and Co. I.D.R. there are something between 6 and 13, but don’t stop full price titles. ”
Xiscoberlin *: “[…] But the last few years there were 10-20 games per month. When Trophy Hunter, who got 100-200+ Platins a year, you do it that way.”

At this point, of course, a big thank you to all of you who took part in the survey and explained their choice in the comments. If you want to know what other votes surveys are, we have a small selection for you here: So you want to retire in the new The Witcher Geralt, have chosen your favorite Hogwarts house and chose your favorite with the new PS Plus subscription chosen.