[CEO Lee Moon Young -soo] The Korea e -Sports Association (Chairman Kim Young -man) and Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) announced on the 2nd that Kim Byung -kwon and Kwak Joon -hyuk were selected as candidates for the national team of ‘FIFA Online 4’.

The finals were offline at the Colosseum e -sports stadium in Sangam, Seoul, from April 29 to May 1. On the third day of Group A and Group B, the final three players such as Kim Byung -kwon, Kwak Joon -hyuk, Park Ji -min, and Cha Hyun -woo entered the finals of the quarterfinals, third and fourth place, and the long -awaited finals.

Kim Byung -kwon, who played his own play without taking the lead in the quarter -final match, defeated Park Ji -min and advanced to the finals, and Kwak Jun -hyuk, who had an edge in the game and psychological warfare, could not open the attack. And the final.

In the final finals, Kim Byung -kwon, who pursued Kwak Jun -hyuk as a unique tempo, won the final position after winning. Kim Byung -kwon wrote a new drama with a blast every hump in the national team.

Kim Byung -kwon and Kwak Jun -hyuk will be selected as the final national team after approval of the Asian Games Improvement Committee and the President of the Korea e -Sports Association. The manager is played by Shin Bo -seok, who is active in various areas such as FIFA Online 4, creators, and commentary.

Shin Bo -seok, the 4th national coach of FIFA Online, said, “I was so hard to know how hard it was to come to this stage while preparing for the game, and I want to tell you to do it well in the future.” If we do our best, I would be able to win. ”

Park Jung -moo, the head of Nexon Group, who participated in the awards ceremony, said, “All the players who sincerely congratulated Kim Byung -kwon and Kwak Jun -hyuk who were selected as candidates for the national team and participated in the selection,” he said. I hope. ”

Meanwhile, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 10 to September 25.