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Robert Lewandowski: There is no factor in talking about it

He has “a home in Mallorca“, says Lewandowski, “the sensation for Spain exists. And I do not locate it a really great place-not to take place getaway there.”.

Mané in sight.

FC Barcelona is calling, yet the 32 million supplied by the Catalans are far too little for Munich. “A relocate to Barca? It depends upon numerous factors. I assume my circumstance is clear and it has no point in speaking about it…”.

No matter this: Bayern are preparing with Lewandowski and likewise have Sadio Mané in view. He has a deal from Munich, but his agreement at Liverpool FC is still running until 2023.

How Robert Lewandowski Creates his Chances | Analysis
Are the German record champions and Robert Lewandowski separate in the coming season? “It is tough to claim if I will certainly play for Bayern following period,” stated Lewandowski at the Polish Television broadcaster Eleven Sports Pl.

Diablo Immortal Pc Pre-download Is Open, And The Global Launch Schedule And Configuration Requirements Are Disclosed

Skarn, Lord of the Damned, has assembled his militant legions to welcome you in Sanctuary. The Demon King’s pale and grim gesture said, “We are waiting…you!” In just a few days, adventurers will search many parts of Sanctuary, looking for Shattered Worldstone Fragment. Only then will you have a chance to thwart Skagen’s evil plans in hell.

Before you start traversing the eight expansive regions of Diablo: Immortal as a Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, or Mage, we’ve put together this roadmap to get you going. Be prepared for the journey, and when the time comes, you will mercilessly plunge into the Sanctuary.

Global release schedule
As we prepare to launch the open beta of Diablo Immortal for iOS, Android, and PC at 1:00 AM PDT on June 3 (10:00 AM PDT on June 2), starting from June Beginning on the morning of the 1st, some players will see the immortal promotion on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This is partly due to the nature of how mobile games are released and ensuring a smooth full rollout of the mobile version of Diablo Immortal. To confirm when Diablo Immortal will fully launch on all platforms in your region, please refer to the time map below.

As mentioned earlier, Diablo will be available for PC, Android, and iOS in select Asia Pacific regions on June 22 PDT: including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. These regions will get dedicated game servers, resulting in better connections and pings for players. Diablo Immortal will also launch in Vietnam on the same day, but only for the PC open beta.

PC Preload Now Available
Starting today, you can preload the PC version of Diablo Immortal from Battle.net. Warm up your PC in advance, and once Immortal is fully activated on June 2, and you can kick open the gates to hell and slay demons at breakneck speed!

Installation and Game Instructions
After the release of Diablo Immortal – before you start taking out Skagen’s army of bloodthirsty invaders before they can wreak havoc on Sanctuary – you’ll need to download and install Diablo Immortal on the platform of your choice. Below you’ll find instructions on installing Diablo Immortal on June 2, and for those who decide to preload the Game for PC, you don’t need to take any further action on launch day.


  • If you do not have the Battle.net desktop application installed, please download it and launch it. Sign up to create a Battle.net account or log in with an existing account.
  • Open the Battle.net app and allow it to download any pending updates.
  • Choose Game> Diablo Immortal, and click Install. Once installed, click “Start” to launch the Game.


  • Launch the Google Play Store app on your device. In the search bar, enter “Diablo Immortal”.
  • Once on the Diablo Immortal store page, click the “Install” button and allow the game to download.


  • Launch the App Store on your device. In the search bar, enter “Diablo Immortal”.
  • Once on the Diablo Immortal store page, click the “Get” button, then the “Install” button, and allow the Game to download.

How to Enable Shared Progress Games
To play Diablo Immortal seamlessly on PC and mobile devices, a Battle.net account is required. You can play the game as a guest on your mobile device, log in or create a Battle.net account to transfer your progress to your PC.
Please note: Guest accounts can only be accessed on the device they were created on unless cloud backup is enabled.

Community and Customer Support
Just as the armies of the Burning Hell are keen to bring out the Lord of Terror, we are committed to fighting this evil by giving you a seamless return to Sanctuary. What’s more, the fate of Sanctuary depends on your continued heroism on the front lines. If you encounter any nefarious tricks on launch day, please contact us. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Blizzard forums, the Blizzard CS Twitter account, and any issues reported through the customer support site to help you get back on the field.
We cannot express how excited we are that you will soon begin your quest for Diablo Immortal. Here, we’d like to thank the many players who provided critical feedback throughout the development of Diablo Immortal, much of which influenced the Game you’ll play on June 2.
Well, now you are ready to go to hell!

  • Diablo Immortal Team

Question Time

Q: What servers can I play in my region?

Q: What languages ​​does Diablo Immortal support?
A: Language support includes Brazilian Portuguese, English, European Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.
Additionally, in Diablo: Immortal’s PC open beta, players will not be able to change the language in which their Game is displayed through the Battle.net launcher. To change the language of the game, players can change the language of the PC operating system through in-game settings or before playing Immortal.

Q: What controller can I use to play Diablo Immortal?
Windows: Wired Controller
Xbox One Wireless Controller
Logitech Gamepad F510
Logitech Gamepad F710
Sony Dualshock 3
Sony Dualshock 4
Sony DualSense Controller (PS5)
Nintendo Switch Joycons (via Grip and USB C)
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (via USB C)
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Xbox Elite Controller
Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Windows: Bluetooth controller/proprietary dongle
Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller
SteelSeries Stratus Duo (via Bluetooth)
Sony Dualshock 3 (via 8 Bitdo Bluetooth Adapter)
Sony Dualshock 4 (via Bluetooth)
Sony DualSense Controller (PS5)
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (via Mayflash Magic NS)

iOS device
Backbone One Controller
Razer Kishi
Rotor Riot Controller (Mfi)
SteelSeries Nimbus (Mfi)
Sony Dualshock 4
Sony DualSense Wireless Controller (PS5)
Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 (iOS 15+)
Xbox Adaptive Controller (iOS 14+)
Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller
Xbox Series X/S Bluetooth Controller

Android device
Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Controller
Xbox Series X/S Bluetooth Controller
SteelSeries Stratus Duo
Sony Dualshock 4
Sony DualSense Wireless Controller (PS5)
Xbox Elite Controller Series 2
Xbox Adaptive Controller
Razer Kishi
8bitdo SN30 Pro Controller

Q: How many adventurers can a clan have, and how many characters can my clan name contain?
A: Each clan may contain up to 100 adventurers. How you name your family is up to you, but it must be between 2-24 characters in length. You can only join one clan at a time. If you want to join another family, you must leave your current clan first.

Q: What will happen to my gameplay and purchases during the PC Open Beta?
A: When the PC version ends the beta period, all progress and purchases you have made will be retained.

Q: Which devices support Diablo Immortal’s ultra-high graphics settings?
A: Diablo Immortal’s ultra-high graphics settings will only be available on PC and select iPad devices.

Minimum requirements for PC
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11 (64-bit)
CPU: AMD FX-8100 or Intel Core i3
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, ATI Radeon HD 6850, or Intel HD Graphics 530
Memory: 4 GB RAM

Recommended configuration for PC version
Operating system: Windows10 / Windows11 (64-bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen5
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or AMD Radeon RX 470
Memory: 8GB RAM

Disk space requirement: 24GB

Minimum requirements for Android
Operating system: Android OS 5.0
CPU: Snapdragon 660 / Exynos 9611
GPU: Adreno 512 / malii-g72 MP3
Memory: 2 GB RAM

Disk space requirement: 2.4GB (10GB patch attached)
Minimum Requirements for iOS
Operating system: iOS 11
Hardware: iPhone 6s
Disk space requirement: 3.3GB (with 9.5GB patch attached)

Do you evaluate the razer triumph v2 pro

What we suched as

Thank you, Razer . We have a stunning microphone, an attractive matt black cylinder, a gorgeous item to put on his workdesk which will certainly not truly make a task.

What. No RGB?

When in the standard, ### A rate for

This is not typical to Razer once again, yet the price of this device is not truly 10% a lot more costly than for competition simply due to the fact that it brings the logo design to the three snakes. On the contrary, with a PVMC of EUR 159.99, it is even a little more affordable than the referral to which he intends to take on, heaven Yeti X, which is marketed for a PVMC of EUR 179.99.

A membrane in an “unusual” placement

Most peripheral suppliers who have just recently started the microphone segment for material makers have in most instances taken a prominent as well as straightforward strategy: that of creating microphones inspired by the microphones utilized in podcasts, with membrane layers making Mainly dealing with the customer on the microphone slice to use several capture possibilities (unidirectional, omnidirectional…).

The Seiren V2 has actually left on a slightly different vision, which is better to what is carried out in the area of songs, with a membrane layer on the top component of the microphone which need to for that reason be mentioned towards the resource you wish to catch, What we usually see concerning the microphones of the Shure brand name for instance. This is regrettably accompanied by a consideration: you can just capture in cardioid setting.

An adequate noise

The microphone should be put near your mouth. We are not discussing five centimeters, however a lot more in the location of 20 centimeters. If you relocate it away extra, the audio will be rapidly… spatialized? You will promptly have the perception of speaking about much more as well as the microphone will be parasitized by secondary sounds, specifically the click of your mouse. The noise of a mechanical keyboard is extremely usual, however it is the very first time that one of my stream microphones capture my mouse, without also that it is an agitated spam at the League of Legends .

You should play with the settings of your microphone to adjust it to your voice. The concern comes from the truth that you do not have the possibility of conserving profiles and that many of the applications you can make use of have different filters or specifications to treat your voice as well as that you can not link the way your voice is dealt with.

With the possibility of recording your voice as much as 96 Hz, as much to tell you that you have data available which are exceptionally faithful. The audio was overall constantly adequate, with some disadvantage.

We checked the microphone in problems similar to Mr. and Madame every person: no soundproofed piece, fairly high ceilings, sound in the street as well as constantly the Harley or the ambulance that can interrupt you. It is also great to keep in mind that you purchase a microphone, you do not get a mixing workshop: you can have one and the other, but the budget plan will absolutely not coincide.

A simple, sober as well as efficient appearance

Whether on the really solid metal base provided or at the end of a microphone arm, this microphone is actually very elegant. Cyrano would certainly not commend appreciation before this oblong black capsule. The design is minimalist, it does not take up a whole lot of room. Also the USB-C supply cord materials includes a specifically made tip to wed the form of the microph1. Little level, however on this exact same wire: installed in the base provided by Razer, it limits the movement of the microphone by avoiding it from transforming back. It is rational offered the setting of the membrane as well as the shown goal of the microphone, however it is still an argument for a financial investment in a microphone arm.

What we liked less

Foam security that damages the high quality of recording

You buy a microphone and its base. You will certainly still have to draw on your financial savings to acquire an arm on which to connect your microphone, as well as an anti-pop filter.

Pimples that are tough to utilize

To be straightforward, Razer will certainly take a shed sphere, or a ball that could need to have been attracted earlier. What is this mania that microphone producers need to supply you with switches that you never ever truly understand exactly how to make use of since they are primarily without gradations or haptic return? On this Seiren, you do not have graduated criteria, you can transform the switches endlessly. Unquestionably, you can make use of audio comments straight with the integrated jack, however it’s still not intuitive. The supplier’s intention? Undeniably that you installed its proprietor application to take care of these exact same digitally setups. Our recommendation? Locate the setups that match you, produce your very own standards, whether with a felt or Blanco, and never touch it once again.

Razer's new microphone was WAY better than I thought.

not really assumed for macs

… we felt foolish since we had not noticed it previously, but… the Synapse software program, in the heart of the Razer community, which offers you control over the features of all their aporeils Or virtually is not readily available on Mac.

An application that as always leaves something to be wanted

Stream Mixer, which desires to offer you outright control over the various audio sources of your PC to better integrate them right into your stream software through a solitary resource. You will discover lots of tutorials on just how to achieve the very same outcome with Obs as well as Voicemeeter, you will be battling to find one in the language of Molière which deals with how to set up the stream mixer of Razer.

Razer offers you the stream mixer, a feature incorporated into its Synapse owner ecosystem, as one of one of the most crucial features of the product, highlighting it on the item box.

In truth, yes, making use of Synapse is essential since the application provides you access to intriguing additional attributes, such as the gain limiter or the filter which automatically removes the most affordable frequencies.

spit your ranges, myrhdin

The minimalist style and also the simplicity of use are specifically appreciable. We continue to be convinced that financial investment in a pop and also an arm filter (not provided) will certainly be logical and needed because the technological features of the microphone and the position of its membrane layer.

This microphone will certainly supply an audio top quality which will be entirely satisfactory for the large bulk of makers of amateur content. The only categories that could be dissatisfied would be the singers or the musicians, yet there is no question that they will currently have equipment of a completely different high quality.

Whether on the extremely solid metallic base provided or at the end of a microphone arm, this microphone is actually extremely classy. Little flat, nonetheless on this exact same wire: installed in the base supplied by Razer, it limits the flexibility of the microphone by stopping it from turning back. It is rational offered the setting of the membrane layer and the presented objective of the microphone, yet it is still an argument in favor of a financial investment in a microphone arm.

In our examinations, we went from the very first Seiren to this v2 pro. In all honesty, Razer has something to be pleased with the path: this update programs significant developments as well as a worry to boost the experience of customers.

The noise of a mechanical keyboard is extremely common, yet it is the very first time that one of my stream microphones capture my mouse, without also that it is a frenzied spam at the Organization of Legends .

What is this mania that microphone suppliers have to provide you with buttons that you never truly know exactly how to utilize because they are primarily empty of gradations or haptic return?

In regards to videotaping quality, nevertheless, we have to leave your crown to heaven Yeti X. The Seiren V2 Pro sounds much less natural as well as is less passing with parasitical audios which look like quickly as the microphone is greater than 20 centimeters from your stuffy.

Schiller for assigning tickets at HSV

Hertha has actually attributed 111.1 million in obligations since the 2018/19 period and also the entry right into Windhorst in the summertime of 2019 and also invested 165 million euros in transfers (consisting of expert fees). Throughout this time around, 62.8 million are available as employees expenses, with an overall of 97.2 million the corona-related losses are measured. Hertha suggests 6.8 million euros in financial investments away from the specialist squad. According to Schiller, the complete quantity of 442.9 million euros in expenses included 375 numerous tennor and also various other funds such as transfer income.

According to Schiller, Hertha is intending for the coming period with income of 126.2 million euros. The club is intending 49.7 million euros from the media earnings, with the sporting descent in the 2nd half of the season, according to Schiller, will influence them. “The media earnings are sadly less than in the previous year as a result of the last positioning,” highlighted the CFO, although the general pot for the Bundesliga was higher. From sponsoring, advertising and merchandising revenues, Hertha anticipates 35 million euros in income, from transfers (including acquisition choices for gamers awarded), the Berliners are planning with 27 million euros. From the video game, in the coming period without Corona constraints, you can expect 12.2 million euros at Hertha.

“After even more than 24 years in various bodies,” the outbound financing board nevertheless looked back with succinct and happy of his time, also if the last 3 of the 24 years were exceptionally stormy. The Hertha members also prepared Schiller a conciliatory goodbye by paying him to standing praise.

an overall of 111.1 million responsibilities returned

Previously, for the sub-optimal ticket appropriation for the relegation initial leg against Hamburger SV (0: 1), the stroll to Canossa had started. “It was a big crap, we shot a huge own goal. Sorry.” Afterwards, the still incumbent money board of the case of several participants offered a summary of what happened to the 375 million that Lars Windhorst as well as his tennis Holding have remained in the club given that 2019.

praise because of secure season ticket prices

From sponsoring, advertising and marketing as well as merchandising profits, Hertha anticipates 35 million euros in revenue, from transfers (consisting of acquisition options for gamers granted), the Berliners are planning with 27 million euros. According to the planning, the expenses of the video game are 22.4 million, while the valid expense of 10.4 million and also the transfer initiative (such as consultant costs and various other extra costs) are approximated at 8.6 million.

The funding club intends to costs 174 million euros, with 33.7 million devaluation of the gamer worths, which according to Schiller “, however,” is not relevant to liquidity “. Of the costs, 85.3 million need to be gotten rid of. According to the preparation, the expenses of the game are 22.4 million, while the valid expense of 10.4 million and also the transfer initiative (such as professional charges and various other added prices) are approximated at 8.6 million.

Hertha has associated 111.1 million in liabilities given that the 2018/19 period and the entrance into Windhorst in the summer season of 2019 and also invested 165 million euros in transfers (consisting of expert charges). According to Schiller, the total amount of 442.9 million euros in expenditures consisted of 375 million of tennor and also various other funds such as transfer revenue.

SCHILLER - The Art of Diagnostics
In the meantime, Schiller got applause for his announcement that period ticket prices will certainly continue to be secure. In enhancement, all bookings from the 2019/20 season have started prior to Corona-validity.

Yoko Suker STG “Drainus” -Stowed many fun shooting [Bakugo Repo] that appeared like a meteor

We will deliver the play report of the horizontal scrolling STG for PCs “ drainus ” for PCs, which was distributed with the announcement at “INDIE LIVE EXPO 2022”!

As you can see from the trailer, this work is a so-called horizontal scrolling STG. If only the story of this work is exported to the game play, the protagonist, who seized the latest fighter drilling of the Carlal Empire, has a frog-like appearance, Genny, fled from the Caral Empire to save his sick father. Aiming for a star… The player manipulates drainas and fights with the chasing Carlal Empire.

Fun game play packed with STG title tribute from the past!

Since this work is a horizontal scrolling STG, the operation is the Xbox controller, the left stick moves on the left, the A button is normal shot, the B button is the absorption of light energy attacks, the X button is a superbomb, the LB button changes the movement speed. It is a slow mode (low-speed movement) in RB.

The difficulty level is easy, normal, and hardware. Before the start of game play, it has a tutorial, and the exchanges of the tutorial will lead to gameplay.

Stage 1 fights with the carral empire, which has been pursued by dragging on the desert planet Halpax. The first thing that surprises you when you play is the rich dot-style graphic that moves smoothly and smoothly (according to the official Twitter of Team Ladybug, it also uses 3D dot painting technology). After fighting for a while, I entered the sandstorm, and when I passed there, I entered a rat-type medium boss battle. If you defeat the middle boss, you will pass through the atmosphere and jump into space, but immediately after that, the planet Halpax will be destroyed.

After passing through the rock area, which seems to be the debris of the planet, you will finally enter the boss battle. The boss is divided into each stage, the first stage is a big core-like attack that appears in the STG “Gradius”, the second stage is a total of multiple turrets, and in the final stage, a huge unit is installed. A multi-stage attack with puzzles on it. Although it was a flashy attack, it was easy to break through by using enemy energy ammunition absorption.

“Drainus” is also characterized by being able to freely configure power-up forms in addition to normal shots and bombs, but also using enemy ammunition absorption functions. The function expansion is unlocked using the crystal that defeats enemies or obtained, or the energy tank accumulated by absorbing enemy attacks.

Unlocked weapons can be changed in the desired power-up order by incorporating them into the power uplist. In addition, editing power-uplists can be edited not only in the intermission of the stage, but also at any time, and can be composed to the situation and stage. If your own aircraft is hit by one stage, power-up has a function as a life, and if you hit an enemy bullet etc. in a state where everything is gone, it will be treated as “defeat” for the first time. In addition, there is a large number of enemy bullets like a barrage STG, but the fact that there is not much delicate avoidance technique with enemy bullet absorption function + shooting back of the unit also leads to lowering the hurdles of playing games.

“Drainus” is composed of all six stages on the second lap, but the play time of one stage is about 10 to 15 minutes. There is also a conversation part and it is basically deployed after clearing the stage, but the storytelling in a limited time as a STG will be entertained by using the theme of the second lap. The stage gimmick is also diverse, and the maximum of the terrain of the horizontal scrolling STG, such as a gimmick that rotates an entrance that is only one direction with a shot, or a configuration of invading a giant spacecraft from the rear engine and destroying the core. It is an impression that is used.

Essence of “ drainus ” that can be said to be “STG version” 13 aircraft defense sphere “”

When I first saw the trailer of this work, I had the impression that “STG with a tribute to the tribute has come out again.” The enemy bullet absorption element is “Ikaruga”, and it is full of tribute that makes you want to say “I’ve seen it somewhere”, including the big core enemy of “Gradius” and the attack by your own bits.

However, when I actually played it, I realized that the production and attack method as a tribute were only flavored, and it was a game that was very high quality, which was flashy and easy to play as a shooting game.

“Drainus” just smells a tribute element (although there are some things that are straight-balls such as “rolling bit”…), I felt a lot of science fiction work tribute as a work that kept down to the degree of down to the extent. It was an ADV “Jusan Model Defense Area”, which depicts a kneaded story while putting it inside. “DRAINUS” has such a way of attacking, but has a well-developed story, and is a fun and exciting gameplay.

It is a title that I want you to touch not only for STG fans who can understand various original stories, but also to gamers who are worried about “a little interesting”. “Drane” is being released for PC (Steam). The price is 1480 yen, and it is on sale for a special promotion until May 30 for 10%OFF for 1,332 yen.

RNG come out! T1 3-0 to win the MSI final with overwhelming victory

T1 and ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk shakes up the past five years and once again plays the final stage of the international competition. Since 2019, he has given 3-0 revenge to the G2, who has been harassing them, and has advanced to the 2022 mid-season Invitational (MSI) final.

Fierce workshops continued from the beginning of the first set. In order to check the opponent’s Gallio, ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk chose mid-tristana for a long time, and to counter this, the G2 took out a combination of support pike, jungle Jarban and Mid Gallio. In six minutes, the T1 and G2 recorded a four-to-two kill score, and the T1, which won the messenger around nine minutes, pushed the mid to the second round, opening the gold difference to 3,400. The G2 also responded to the bottom dive and chased a little bit by raising the doublek.

Since then, the T1 has continued to operate relaxed based on gold difference. Without the second messenger, he pushed out the entire line turret, and the Gold difference was made with a good wings. After 18 minutes, the G2 engaged in the Red Jinyoung jungle against Jaya, but T1 won the T1 in Hanta as the T1 was nicely fed.

After 21 minutes, the T1, who won the Baron Nest and beat Hanta, finished the game by pushing Baron. ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk’s Trigestar Naga was a game from Pick to the game.

The two sets were fierce vanpic just after the outpost. The G2, who picked the Blue camp, took all the tanking and initiating with the top sion, and the T1 was taken with LeBlanc and Yathylus, showing a surprise pick.

Just before the start of the line, T1 walked in Initia against Ari and saw a big benefit as he succeeded in dive. Although Nautilus was caught in the process, it was obviously not small because the opponent’s mid and the jungle used the flashing. Based on this, the T1 went around more comfortably and moved to take the lead in the line. Based on this, the T1 continued to engage in the bottom of the 11th minute, and Jaya pushed the bottom turret against Aelios first, spreading the gold difference to 3,000 in 12 minutes.

The G2 was not just hit. While the T1 continued to benefit from the operation, he did not miss the gap and succeeded in cutting off the enemy. In particular, the movement to predict the play of the opponent LeBlanc was fantastic. However, as soon as the G2 went ahead of Killscore, the first hit in front of Baron, the T1 succeeded in spreading the gold to 7,000, with the ace of agile movements and the personality of the team members. Later, in 29 minutes, LeBlanc of ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk beat her opponent with her movements. Eventually, the T1 pushed the main team based on the growth car and won the second set.

In the third set, the G2 cast a top four van to prevent Zeus, and brought Nocturne and Right. In that situation, the T1 completed the combination by selecting a top nar who has a low tier since Jaya, Lisin and Renata Sunpic, but can be played even in survival and Hanta. In the early seven minutes, T1 continued to respond well to the emotional play of the G2, which had no achievements. In particular, the G2, which had collapsed the bottom line, repeated the use of the ultimate of Nocturne to avoid the situation, and each time the T1 was nicely accepted and opened the kill score.

Similar situations have been repeated afterwards, and the game has been rolled up to the operation of the T1. It was only 16 minutes since the game began, with a kill score of 15: 2 and Gold differences nearly 13,000. In the meantime, Zeus was a super-play that was resurrected by using Renata’s emergency relief through the four enemies of the minors, or two kills against five people. He ran as if he was proud of his form, even in the top four vans. Eventually, in 20 minutes, T1 won the game and won the game and finished the game.

The G2 boosted the performance that had collapsed in the rumble stage, but lacked sophistication. The first set was consistent with no cope, and the three sets were caught in their emotional play. At the same time, the second set of tensions showed his strength in the amazing concentration and their long-term Hanta, but they were overwhelmed by the personal skills of the T1 players. The opponent was strong enough for the G2.

RNG vs EG Highlights ALL GAMES | MSI 2022 Semi-final | Royal Never Give Up vs Evil Geniuses

T1, on the other hand, broke both opponents and play, and won more overwhelming victory than RNG yesterday. In terms of operation, it was as dense as always, and in front of the object, which was pointed out as a weakness, it showed completely overcoming Banpic’s supplement. Kuma Yushi Lee Min-hyung, who was shaken for a while at the Rumble Stage, was revived through Jaya, and Kerry Ryu Min-seok continued to show his stabbing initia.

The game of the game was ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk and ‘Zeus’. ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk hit the enemy Jarban Galio with Tristana in the first set, and in the second set, he captured Ari, the pick of the best tier tier, and in the third set.

‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk replied to the victory’s impression, “I am happy to win more than the fact that it is good to win 3-0,” he said.

Zeus Choi is the team’s constant and has always won the game. Even in the second set, he played the game for the first time in the tournament, and he played the game as a nar in the third set of four vans. I was impressed with the confidence and performance that I couldn’t think of being a rookie.

‘Zeus’ Choi Je-je said, “I played a game with a comfortable mind, but I was victorious.”

T1 will face RNG in BEXCO, Busan on the 29th. As the finals are completed, one team can win the title of MSI’s first three championships. ‘Kuma Yushi’ Lee Min-hyung said, “I think it’s going to win very easily,” and ‘Fall’ Choi Sung-won said, “We will be able to cope with the RNG exhibition from the group stage. I showed it.

Valorant | Better Play League Spain

From May 10 to July 2, 2022, Valorant celebrates the summer seValoranton of the Regional Valorant League Spain: Rising Medamarkt Intel , second edition of the championship organized by the LVP that hValorant Valorant its current champion rebel gaming, the Team owned by David de Gea. In Meristation we want to share with you The best moves of his inaugural day , in which in addition to rebels teams such Valorant Art, CValorante Esports, Giants Gaming, Herbalife Real Betis, Heretics, Koi, Movistar Riders, Team Cheese and UCAM Tokiers. Ten teams and two laps for a total of eighteen games per squad.

We remind you that the League can be followed on the LVP Twitch channel, where a new day is celebrated every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ** (at 5:00 p.m. Spanish local). The final will be face -to -face and will take place on July 2, during the UBEAT Live Festival that will be held in Barcelona. It will also be held the League of Legends Super League, a new World Cup and two Freestyle USN days. You can buy your tickets from here.

Now, we leave you with the best plays on day 1 of the Regional Valorant League Spain: Rising Medamarkt Intel.

Valorant: best plays from Ucam Tokiers vs artic

Valorant: Best Giants vs Team Cheese Play

Valorant: Better moves from Movistar Riders vs Herbalife Real Betis

Valorant: Best Koi vs Heretics plays

INSANE! - Giants Gaming vs Real Betis Esports - HIGHLIGHTS | VRL Spain Rising Stage 2 | VALORANT

Valorant: Best plays from Rebels Gaming vs CValorante Esports

Game of the Year Awards 2019: the sexiest hero of the game

Each good story has a legendary outsider sent against all odds to save the world, his friends or simply themselves. Sometimes these heroes are ordinary people who are pushed by this situation by fate, but in many cases, when they come out triumphantly on the other side of their painful journey, they stand larger, confident and more than just A little sexy in their determination and victory. Of course, some of them simply have the gift of being magnificent from the start. Here are our nominations for the sexiest hero of the 2019 game.

Hot Summer Nights | Official Trailer HD | A24
Whether these candidates are natural beauties or characters who have entered their sex appeal by growth and the pure desire for victory, no one can deny that the entries on this list are only their appearance, but really rounded characters, Qualified, memorable, imperfect and realistic that we enjoyed spending time with more than their smile or trademark.

And it is our list of nominees for Sexiest Hero of 2019. In your opinion, who will gain first place? Is there someone who should have appeared on this list? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section below, and make sure to contact us on December 22 when all the winners are announced.

The dreadful sonic of the first trailer of the film returns to the movie theater, yet this moment the fans have celebrated it

The brand-new Sonic cinematographic saga has come to be a success , with numbers that currently place Sonic 2: the film such as the adjustment of the highest grossing computer game in history in the United States. Yet the road has actually not been simple as well as all of us bear in mind the well known design we get from Paramount Photo in the first look at the original shipment.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (2024) | New Teaser Trailer | Concept

The Chip and also Slice film: Disney+ rescue guardians has actually ended up being a full homage to animation, with a host of enjoyed chambers, including the one they offer straight as “Sonic Feo” at a Fans convention. In an interview with Polygon, director Akiva Schaffer admitted that this appearance was one of the exceptional minutes of the film for him.

The blue hedgehog received a full redesign from Tyson Hesse, the animation supervisor of Sonic Mania Adventures that enchanted followers, but the horrible initial layout ended up being component of the Web memes. But the “Sonic unsightly” has actually not been left without his look in the cinema as well as has ultimately gotten here as Cameo in one of the last premieres of Disney + .

Schaffer clarified that it seemed extremely important to obtain several 3rd -celebration animation personalities , so that the movie really felt like “a kind of event of animation ” and not simply an event of Disney animation. This had as well as indicated lots of headaches to try numerous choices before getting licenses. Schaffer acknowledged that had to give thanks to Disney’s legal representatives ** for having collaborated with him, who, as he has actually admitted, continued to be really hopeful and knew just how to see the worth of having these personalities: “They needed to work really difficult”.

According to a report, Tiktok wants to give gaming a boost

I Tried TikTok's 'Promote
Today, one of the most popular platforms is Tiktok, which puts content creators to make short videos that can be useful or simply comply with the entertainment factor. And now, it seems that he will have a different approach, since they already put their eyes on the world of gaming and the players themselves.

The medium Reuters reports that the social network is testing games for application in Vietnam before a “great impulse” in that space. A company representative confirmed the evidence of the mini -games html5 and mentioned:

We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly try new functions and integrations that provide value to our community.

The sources indicate that the plan is for games with advertising that are extracted from the library of your parent company, _byte dance. This could increase the income and the amount of time that people pass in the application. An opportunity that the company will not miss, after all is one of the most seen in the world.

Other social networks in the most recent times have joined the world of gaming, among them are Facebook and Netflix, as the latter already has its own studies for the creation of games. For its part, the platform to publish on the wall is betting on its streamers, who over time are getting more views.

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