[content Park Ye -jin reporter] Craepton will create a C2E (Create to Earn) interactive content platform ‘3D World Cryptic Tometabus‘, which has introduced ‘Creator -centered’ in front.

Park Hyung -cheol, head of the Craepon Web 3.0 Round Table, announced on the 28th at the 2022 Content Industry Forum held at the Korea Content Culture Plaza in Seoul.

Park Hyung -chul announced that Craftton will lower the barriers to entry so that interactive content creators can easily continue their creative activities in the future, creating a creator -based ecosystem by implementing a C2E that makes money. The contents creators, brands, and intellectual property holders with various backgrounds will be able to build a 3D World Crypto Metabus that can generate profit by freely utilizing sandbox tools.

According to Park, the core value of this C2E ecosystem is Web 3.0. Web 3.0 is the key to that we can directly have ownership in Web 2.0, which users produce, consume, and share. The difference is that it is based on blockchain technology, not existing Internet or PC devices.

He also emphasized that blockchain could eventually increase the involvement of creators and to expand creativity. Blockchain technology enhances the network effect that creators and users (fans) can immediately meet without complex intermediate processes, and crayors have more authority and information than game companies, so even more belonging and involvement for fans for fans. I can give it.

In particular, he stressed that alternative token (NFT) could be a means to accurately prove copyright. Park said, “In the digital world, there are many duplications overflowing, so the craftsmanship will be greater to prove and recognized by creators.”

According to Park, Kraftton plans to focus on his own capabilities and strengths as a game company, rather than leading the construction of methuses.

“Craftton is a company that creates fun content and a company that makes it an strength of Interactive content,” he said. We will also add strength to the world of web 3.0 and C2E that can be reborn. ”