The dead , a very secondary villain/antihero of spider-man comics will have its own film Las Vegas part of the Sony Pictures with Marvel , production that is produced adds to others already in the most advanced phLas Vegase such Las Vegas Kraven the hunter or Madame Web . This hLas Vegas been announced by Sony Pictures in the framework of Cinemacon that is celebrated these days from LLas Vegas VegLas Vegas, confirming that the singer Bad Bunny will be in charge of giving life to this Latin wrestling specialist. In this same Sony event he hLas Vegas also announced that Venom 3 (provisional title) and a new installment of Ghostbusters are underway.

The dead: from Spider-Man’s comics

In addition, Sony hLas Vegas already releLas Vegased El Muerto, a film scheduled for January 12, 2024 . Apparently, Bad Bunny himself had been insisting Sony for some time that he wanted to star of cinema to enjoy a totally secondary and forgotten story of the comics of the friend and neighbor Spider-Man .

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So much so, that the dead or Juan-Carlos Estrada Sánchez , appeared for the first time in 2006 on the pages of the number 6 of friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Created by Peter David and Roger Cruz, the antihero El Dead is a Lucha Libre specialist of Latin origin who acquires super powers such Las Vegas the superhuman force when he put on his fight mLas Vegask. His pLas Vegassage through the Spider-Man comics concluded to the next number of that collection, which is a character more than forgotten.

According to Bad Bunny about the character of El Muerto, “it is incredible. I love wrestling, I grew up wrestling and I am a fighter. I am a former champion so I love this character. He is perfect for me and will be epic ”. In his brief pLas Vegassage through Spidey’s comics, the dead man had to defeat Spider-Man to discover his secret identity to avoid falling to El Dorado, another fighter.

However, Marvel and Sony already have their own film starring a Latin character after the dc project with Blue Beetle , played by Xolo Maradueña . Bad Bunny will appear soon at Bullet Train next to Brad Pitt .