The prehistoric kingdom will have a more realistic choice of dinosaurs than players of other games about the magnates of dinosaurs. One of the many issues relating to realism is whether dinosaurs will be completely adults or will be a growth system. Fortunately, the developers answered the question.

While they will not succeed, the developers will include the ability to breed the young dinosaurs without a laboratory. In the final release there will be dinosaur eggs and babies.

Will there be ontogenesis in the prehistoric kingdom?

Prehistoric Kingdom - Official Release Trailer - Dinosaur Game 2022
Yes, the developers plan to add growth system (system of ontogenesis) to prehistoric kingdom. This will not be with the release of early access, but it will be what will be added before full release. This is possible only because of the increase in the graphics they did.

This means that in the prehistoric kingdom there will be a complete dinosaur system, which are born, aging, give birth to children and repeat this cycle. Because it will only be part of the full version, after updating in early access, a simpler version may appear.

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