The streaming service Netflix pulls the ripper: After the message about huge losses in the past financial quarter now are the first consequences to feel. According to current reports, these consequences are not only felt on the personnel levels, but also concerns some already announced projects.

Netflix sets several series

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As is apparent from a report of the magazine The Wrap, it was released in the course of a restructuring, among others Phil Rynda , who was previously responsible for new animation projects as Director of Creative Leadership and Development. Exactly this division seems to be particularly hard after the loss report, because the same several series were set according to the report . Among other things, this concerns the animation series bone based on the eponymous comics of Jeff Smith. Netflix had already announced this project in 2019, accordingly well advanced should have been working.

Furthermore, Netflix should also have pulled the ripper in the animated series The Twits by Roald Dahl, which should be realized at least in the form of a film, according to the current information. Furthermore, the work on the animation project toil and trouble is set by Lauren Faust.

Netflix loses numerous subscribers

Recently, the streaming provider had proclaimed a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the past financial quarter. Originally, however, the Group was assumed by growth in the amount of about 2.5 million subscribers. In the same period of the previous year, Netflix was able to post an increase of four million subscriptions. As the reasons for this negative trend , among other things, the streaming provider calls the Corona Pandemic and the war in Ukraine **.

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