24 drawing is scattered throughout the forgotten land, and everyone is necessary to improve one of Kirby’s copying abilities. That’s how to get all 24 drawings in Kirby and The Forgotten Land in the order in which they appear in the game.

Starting drawings

As soon as you pass natural plains and for the first time to defeat Garmondo, a weapon store will open in the city. Here you bring the drawings together with a sufficient amount of rare stones and money to improve the copies of Kirby.

Drawing of chakramus cutter

When the store opens, Weddl Di will give you a drawing of the shakram cutter!

Fire drawing volcano

When the weapon store opens, the store owner will also give you a drawing of volcanic fire!

Drawings on the coast of Everbay

That’s how to get three drawings on the everbay coast.

drawing of a disorder needle

Find the list of Clutter Needle in Scale Cement Summit . When you get to steel boxes in the floor, hit the bomb block to break them and open this drawing.

Chain Bomb Drawing

The drawing of the chain bomb is in the chest in Funcurate hydraulic structures . The chest will appear on the main path after you fall into the trap and perform a combat task on the steel bridge over shallow water.

Drawing of noble range

Get a drawing of a noble range, when defeat the boss Everbey coast, rainforest!

Drawings in the remains of Vondary

Collect five drawings in the remains of Vandaria.

Toy hammer drawing

You will find a drawing of a toy hammer at the first stage, Welcome to Vordaria . To do this, you need to use Kirby to drop a water ball to pour eight faded colors. The first four can be easily found around the corner from the crane, where Kirby can get the mouth of the water ball.

A little further you can find the following three flower, but the latter is hidden. If you Square dirt next to the staircase The secret way will appear on the right, where you can pour the last flower and get this drawing.

Drawing of a giant sword

Find a giant sword drawing in Speedway Route . Win the Mini Boss Wild Edge and immediately get this drawing in the chest!

temporary crash drawing

Get Plan Time Crash on stage, invasion of horror house . Closer to the end of the scene, be careful to find the hole in the wall at the protrusion on the left. Hover over it the cursor, and this secret path will lead you to the drawing.

Fleur Tornado Drawing

You can find Fleur Tornado drawing in Wandar’s dream parade scene. Take the position opposite the crane and use Kirby with a waters of the water ball to knock down one of the robots from the course and crash into the cracked wall. The wall will collapse, and the locked bedtime will open, and for him another cracked wall! Repeat the process and get the drawing.

pencil drill drawing

Get a drawing of a pencil drill, when you defeat the boss the remains of Vandari, Kloroline!

Drawing in the Coliseum

When the Colosseum opens, Meta Knight will appear.

Drawing Mouse Meta Knight

Just win the Cup Meta Knight, and you will receive a drawing of the sword of Meta Knight!

Drawings in Winter Horns

Get three drawings in Winter Horns.

Dragon Fire Drawing

Find a drawing of a dragon fire in windy, icy sea scene. When you get to the trail with shooting guns, inhale the fiery enemy and melt the ice around the scissor lift. Move Kirby with a scissor lift to the right, raise, and you will find a chest with a drawing of a dragonfire.

frosty ice drawing

You can not miss the drawing of frosty ice after you defeat a mini boss in Battle for nearby Bridge . Get this drawing when it appears in the chest closer to the end of the level.

Highboring Bomb Drawing

Get a drawing of the self-watering bomb, when defeat the boss Winter Roggers, King Dididy!

Drawings in Oringull Wasteland

Find five drawings in the wratge of Oringalla.

Crystal Needle Drawing

Get a drawing of a crystal needle in empty, where life originated . Climb the stairs to the right on a large open area at the beginning of the scene. As soon as you raise there, you will need to defeat the mini boss Fleirina. Find the drawing in the treasure chest a little left of you.

Circular saw drawing

You will find the drawing of Buzz-Saw Cutter in in search of an oasis . This is in the hidden treasure chest behind the railings, which you can find a little right of a round platform with a circle of purple poison on the ground.

Drawing of wild hammer

You can find a drawing of wild hammer in Alivel Shopping Center (from personnel) . Turn the right instead of going through the door after lifting the yellow staircase, and you will find a hole that will lead you inside. Cage entrance .

Win inside the mini-boss of wildly nuts, after which you will definitely ask Kirby to choose the ability to copy the hammer. Spice star nails to the ground on the left, as well as in the wall on the right. It will open the golden gate to the treasure chest in which the drawing is located.

Drawing double drill

You will receive a drawing twin drill in moonlight canyon . Closer to the end of the first area of this stage, with falling blocks and enemies-clocks, go to the left below the exit. You will see a barrel in the corner on the edge of the ledge. Spice it, and the drawing will open.

ice drawing blizzard

Get a drawing of Blizzard ice, when defeat the boss Emindes, stupid!

Drawings in the Forbidden Lands of Redgar

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You can find three drawings in the forbidden lands of Redgar.

Space Ranger Drawing

Find the drawing of the Space Ranger in Conquer the hell’s road . When you get to the moment when you have to jump from a high steel ledge into a boat in the role of silent Kirby, be sure to Kirby also has the ability to copy Ranger. . As soon as you get to the end of the stage, do not finish! Look to the right to see the floating goal. Shoot it in it, and you will get a drawing of this amazing ability.

Deep Sleep Scheme

You can find a drawing of deep sleep in burning, boiling power station . Closer to the end of the second area of this stage, stop without passing through the door to the next area. Instead, locate the lantern in front of the door when you move to the camera.

Use Fire Copy’s ability to light the lamp , and the crushing platform will start moving. Follow the path with coins under the platform, get taken to the top, and then jump and parity on the left to find a secret hole along the blue lights on the rising and lowered platform. This leads to a drawing.

Storm Tornado Drawing

Get a drawing of Storm Tornado in Meeting of the Council of the Beasts , immediately after the re-win over Cloroline. You will see American slides in front of them, but for the time being leave them al1. Instead, look for a hidden corner on the right side of the platform to find a drawing of this amazing ability.

Drawings in the post-game

These two drawings can be considered spoilers So act at your own peril and risk!

disguised hammer drawing

King Dididy will rest on the left of the entrance in the Colosseum. Talk to him to get a hammer drawing in a mask!

Morpho knight sword drawing

To get the latest drawing, complete a post-game, including insulated islands, and Refuse the Earth , the last stage. As soon as you defeat the morpho knight, you will get a drawing of the Morpho knight as a final award!

These are all drawings in Kirby and The Forgotten Land. Now enjoy the game with the strongest Kirby copy abilities that you can update even further with a lot of rare stones and money won in the Coliseum!

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