In Lost Ark there are quite a lot of classes, each of which has its strengths. And although many leaders will help you determine the strongest, most strategic or best class for choice. When it comes to just have fun and have fun, there are several unique options that should be considered.


The wizard is a character-magazine, which specializes in the area of the region, applied by spontaneous magic. The design of her characters and the animation of battles is made in a fantastic style that never get quieter. It can be a rather strong character, which is suitable for a chaotic and fascinating gameplay, in which you are aiming for several enemies at the same time.


If you want to have fun, trying various attacks, from the near-long fight, the character Soulist is the perfect choice. This character-master of martial arts introduces an element of a sharp dexterity and rapid movements that cannot reproduce some characters with heavier armor. It will become an excellent companion to any player who wants to flutter on the battlefield.


Gunlancer Warrior class is as interesting to play, as frighten. If you, like a player, you want to try out new combat strategies and do not want to worry too much about getting damage, there is no better choice than Gunlancer. He is like a sponge for damage, and you can get a lot of pleasure, less worrying about your enemies.

Lost Ark PvE Class Tier List Ranked by FUN 3000 Hours KR Server Player | 21 CLASSES

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