Lost arc and Mamatch’s collaboration, which was underway last year, has a memorable memory. The crawling of the game and the colaboration is so great that the successful case was in Korea. My app servers are paralyzed, and my friends who have been and the bureaucracy also remember.

So time is quite flowing, and today (April 16) once again, Lost Arc and Mamatch proceed with collaboration. This time, Rost Arc is a special event that commemorates the birthday of ‘Mokoko’ in Mascot. In addition, this time, not only the menu release, but also a special pop-up store.

On April 16 (Saturday), May 15 (Sunday) Mamatch Rap Garden Reverse Daisaki was a special pop-up store decorated with ‘Mokoko’ theme. The pop-up store is filled with the theme of ‘Lost Arc’, as well as Mokoko Theme and various Esther Characters, including large Mokoko (including large Mokoko).

I visited the pop-up store of the Mokoko theme this Mokoko theme, and since I opened the posting, many users already have a lot of users to enjoy the store. Numerous users have given a standby table, but they have only 10 minutes, but all quantities have attracted a lot of popularity to be sold out.