Big Changes arrive on the Korean version of Lost Ark! Even if they are not definitive for the moment, the final version of the latter will undoubtedly eventually come to us. We take stock of the nerves that make the most noise on the canvas in our complete guide to Lost Ark.

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Lost Ark has come out in Korea for a while now, and this version is about to undergo big changes. We take stock of the changes that make the most talk about them. In the meantime, do not forget to get your rewards, and prepare you for the release of the latties next week!

of the change on the PTR of Lost Ark in Korea

In Korea, Smilegate has announced the implementation of the PTR (test server) for the next major update of the game. Update notes accompany the latter, and the least we can say, c is that there is change. Nerve of the classes considered “Top-Tier”, other buffs that are a bit forgotten. Reddit and forums ignite a little, but try to understand a little changes that crash the canvas. We will not talk about all classes here because some things are probably changing.

Berzerker: The end of Chaos specialization?

On the side of the Berzerker , it must be recognized that big changes are underway on the PTR version. Some attacks become back attacks, which will improve their damage by placed behind a boss, but also a change on the rune perforating attack of the technique assault blade , which passes 37% defense ignored during the impact of your attack, at ” ‘a debuff that improves the damage taken by the opponent of 6% for 6 seconds… which is technically a buff, if it concerns well All your team.

But where things become more interesting is at the level of the class engravings of Berzerker. That of Berzerker technique is improved, passing the damage crit from 30/40 / 50% to 35/50 / 70% when you are in Fury mode. On the other hand, the engraving Chaos , she, is nerfed, and not a bit. The inflicted damage increases from 4/9 / 18% to + 3/7 / 14%, especially, ” ‘you will not be able to receive only 40% of the care effects, which will clearly lower the life of the latter.

It must be recognized that Chaos is very nerved here, both at the level of damage and at the level of care. It will be necessary to see how things evolve, but according to the calculations, the zerker loses 6% damage in Chaos level 3, and 3-4% in Mayhem 1. We can imagine that Smilegate would like here to put in Prior to the other specialization, namely Berzerker Technique .

Sangleame: Big nerve of the surgery specialization

Here is the number of Deferlante stacks that undergoes a change: Previously, you could accumulate up to 20 stacks of the improvement of the surgery, knowing that a stack = 7.5% more damage on Your braffling. With the change on the PTR, cumulate 20 stacks will only make 100% more damage. It is therefore a loss of 50% damage. It’s also a sacred nerve.

However, it should be noted that the spé sweeping is a little in a funny position on the Korean version of the game. To sum up quickly, this specialization was seen as null before, which makes that the almost quasi Total high-level content players played in specialization Residual energy . However, the specialization breaking has recently improved. It was much more difficult to optimize, but was, in return, theoretically one of the specializations of the game that was the most damage. Should we still not plant himself during a fight.

But the players still stayed on the spé residual energy for two reasons: the price of a change of specialization (to rehabiate, to reoptimize, with the good runes etc… it has a huge cost, well More than for us on the overall version now), and the second reason is that the Special residual energy punishes less the errors in terms of DPS. It remained the choice of simplicity. And also let us add that the KR community also wanted to see if changes would not take place, so as not to resolient itself for nothing… and they were obviously right to wait.

the witch: small nerve of the igniter specialization

On the witch side, rest assured: a small nerve is announced, but it will not change much. In specialization Igniter , during your magic amplification , the improvement of the damage of your spells increase from 10 to 8%. Same thing during the Torrent of Arcane , or you will spend from 20 to 16%. In return, the scaling of your spells will be a bit improved during the magic amplification state, 2.15 to 2.2. So we are on a real nerve of 2% ~. Everything is fine.

We are waiting to have a confirmed list for the release before you list all the changes, but if you wish, you can read all here.
Remember, if some nerves do not make sense in your opinion, that the equipment is much more advanced on this version, and that some optimizations do not exist yet.

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Good game everyone !
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