You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below we collected all culinary collectibles for the continent of Yuka. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

Where to find all culinary collectibles in Retrajes in Lost Ark

Below you will find all cooking items in Foliance of Aventurist Yudi. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.

Salted marine beetle

The salted beetle, cooked on the grill, can be found southeast of the camp of nomads, a little south of the trail leading to the Loggers. There are several single trees and ice crystals here. You are looking for Lonely tree next to the old flag.

On the mini-card there are three icy crystals down from the path leading to the east. If you explore the base in the apartment, you will find a salt beetle cooked on the grill.

Natural dried municipal

To find Natural Mungka Jerky, you need to go straight north of the entrance to the region of Yuka. If you are traveling from Retrajess border , go straight to the north from the entrance to the Soland Hill to the Judi region, but this is not a straight line. Stay closer to the southern border, following the way to the West, then go to the east.

In the end, you will stumble upon a lonely tree next to several enemies from Plain Saltbug and a bush below. They do not harm you and do not attack you in any way, so you can leave them alive if you want. In the bushes you will find a study point, and after a small expectation you will receive Natural Mungka Jerky.

Coffee with worm filtering

You will need Salted worm calf for cooking coffee with worm filtering. You can find the stern of the salt worm northeast of the camp of nomads . Go to the northeast corner of the Northern Region in any way. The place is marked in the image above.

Under the bush, you will find a dirty salt worm guarding your poop, which are between two condensed trees. Explore it, and after a while you will receive feces of salt worm . However, be fast, because these enemies are hostile, and if they hit you while you are investigating, you will have to kill them before you can move on.

Vintage Cavatskoe Wine

To get a hidden bottle of Encaviansky liqueur, you need to log in to the second dungeon of the region of Yuka, Capire Cave . Enter the dungeon, teleporting on in the Capire cave .

You can get to the area under the cave of Sapire, descending over the ramp inside the Capire Cave. In this section, many enemies you need to kill, but after the blue quest area disappears, you can safely wander around the area.

All Lost Ark Yudia Cooking Locations
Return to where you slipped, hug the right wall, and in the end you will come across the fence and several ligaments of boxes grouped together. The investigation point is behind these boxes. Interact with him, and after a few seconds you will receive Hidden Bottle of Encavian Liquor .

As soon as the alcohol will be purchased, go * K * Chef Hella in camp nomads and turn it in ancient Encava wine per 1400 silver.

Ritual Ritual Rena

You will need to improve the relationship with shaman thunder on the Soland hill to get the rest of the rain ratios. To get this item, you must achieve the fourth level rapport to trusted. Add an item to your foliate aventurist as easy as right-click in inventory.

Talk to thunder to check your rapport. You can find it at the top of the screen. Increase your rapport to the fourth level will take some time. Check every day to find out if you gave her any gifts or whether any other actions were performed.

You can give thunder gifts, use emotions, play music and perform quests to increase the level of mutual understanding. If you improve the relationship with her, it will give you gifts. In the end, you will receive the remnants of the rain rain ritual, a cooking object, necessary for the foliant of an adventure crawler.

To get the remnants of the rain causing ritual, go to the adventure on the bottom right panel, then click on Rapport or click Alt + H . Then click on Yuka Then click Award Claims or Magnifying glass at the corner. Finally, click Award Claims Under Trusted .

Salted cracker

Salt crackers get difficult, as they are based on good luck. In general, receipt should not take a lot of time. Material that you need to find, Salt crystals .

Head to Soltti Habitat Tripport , and run to the north until you can go along the way to the east. Go to the south, and in the end you will be stumbled on the boulder, wood and bush next to the fence.

In this place there is a study point, and you will find salt crystals – seven at a time – so you will need to collect them a lot. Here it begins a game for good luck. Open your inventory and right-click Salt Crystals. . In most cases, they will turn into a subject called a broken cracker, which is useless, except for its destruction.

As a result, you will receive Salted cracker, if You do not continue to collect salt crystal, so you just need to continue clicking the right mouse button. We got our cracker after 12 attempts.

Box with salted food

You need to find a chest with food in the old Encavian to make a box with salted food. Go to Ruins of Nevati in Ozkhorn Hill To get an old Encavian Food Chest. This is the fastest way to get to the tripport of the assembly zone if it is unlocked.

When you find yourself inside the ruins, you need to go to the south-eastern part of the site. Just follow the map by pressing TAB to the place marked with a red square in the image above.

You will find several mimicaries next to the boxes in this place, and will also wander other monsters. Look at the wooden board, unreliable hanging over the box, and kill them all. This is your investigation point. Interact with him, and Old Encavian chest with food will be added to your inventory.

As soon as the chest with food will be received, Return to Chef Helle in Nomads camp and Turn it into a box with salted food for 1400 silver.

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