For about three years after the Release of Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix has officially announced a fourth part for the series. We summarize the most important thing to the game for you.

Kingdom Hearts 4: First Information to the next RPG Adventure

The most important information about the next game:

  • Genre: Action, Roleplay
  • Setting: The modern Tokyo
  • Game mode: Most likely single player
  • Platforms: Most likely PS5 and Xbox Series X / S
  • Release: No specification
  • Age release: No specification (former Kingdom Hearts parts: USK 12)
  • Developer: Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 4: Announcement for the 20th anniversary of the game

Many have hoped for it and now it is certain: The Kingdom Hearts series gets growth. To the joy of the fans also made a first trailer . The players who know the secret end of Kingdom Hearts 3 will experience a kind of déj -vu, because Sora watches at the beginning in the city of Quadratum.

Much time to get used to the environment, but he does not have, but Kingdom Hearts is not a sleep simulator. Shortly thereafter, he already runs on a huge heartless, which has emerged in the middle of the city. With his keyword he takes the fight with him . Even before you know if he’s a winner, two dark-dressed figures come into the game, which are likely to come from the organization 13.

The trailer then ends with Donald and Goofy , which are probably looking for Sora. This has disappeared according to the events of Kingdom Hearts 3. It seems like fans can look forward to a very extensive and action-packed time.

_Im trailer can you make a first impression of the game: _

Kingdom Hearts 4: Development with Unreal Engine 5

According to the KH13 page, the Unreal Engine 4 was used for the trailer. The supporters of the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo are really impressive, but could look even better in the finished game. It is known that Square Enix relies on the newly published Unreal Engine 5 – that is, the game will look as realistic as never before. (Source: KH13)

Kingdom Hearts 4: Fans know where Sora lives in the real world

KINGDOM HEARTS 4 - Reveal Trailer Gameplay & Boss Fight 2022

The published trailer seems to be the real city of Tokyo and some fans have looked exactly. One has discovered the building and the surroundings of the apartment in which Sora wakes up . It should be in Aoyama, one of the most expensive residential areas of the city. The park also recognizes Twitter user Aitaikimochi. It should be around the park Aoyama Gakuin.

Kingdom Hearts 4: No MICKY mouse shoes anymore!

Not only the hair of Sora have received an update, even his outfit has received a refresher. This looks more realistic now, matching the setting of the upcoming game. However, a little thing has changed greatly, because in the trailer you can see the right shoe size of Sora . This is by no means so huge as you suspect through the previous parts, and they are less yellow. When it comes to a fan, Sora has now reached the end of his journey:

“The actual story of Kingdom Hearts is Sora’s journey to get the right shoes,” says Twitter users @Jackiiboii.

Better late than never!

(Source: Twitter)

Kingdom Hearts 4: When should the game appear?

So far, there are still no information about the release date . All in Kingdom-Hearts-Manie, it does not just mean “in development”. A “Magic in the making” (in German: “Magic in the genesis”) adorns the trailer at the end.

_Ihr ask you what you can play in the meantime? The April brings new possibilities: _

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