The European Party follows the League Cat: Eintracht Frankfurt has missed the dress rehearsal for the showdown at Camp Nou. After the intoxicating first leg against the FC Barcelona, the team of Oliver Glasner disappointed at 1: 2 (0: 1) against the SC Freiburg with record trainer Christian Streich and missed the leap approaching the international places.

In the quarter-final return match of the Europa League, the Hesse must be huge at the Househohen Favorites Barcelona on Thursday (21:00 o’clock / RTL). The Frankfurters barely attached to the strong first appearance against Barca (1: 1) and came through Filip Kostic (54.) only for the interim balancing.

Vincenzo Grifo (27th) and Superjoker Nils Petersen (69th), however, held the Freiburg after the vortex for the change poss of Bayern Munich in the middle of the European Cup race. Prank also celebrated its 105th Bundesliga victory with the Breisgauer – and overtook the previous record coach Volker Finke.

Both teams first need start-up time

The Frankfurters had to change the switch between the two fixed evenings against the Catalans. It is “a challenge after the emotional rash again,” said Glasner. Compared to the magical night on Thursday he had it with two change, Sebastian Rode and Jens Petter Hage rotated in the starting eleven.

After an interruption at the beginning by the protest of two environmental activists, which bound with cable ties to the goalposts, was little momentum at the Hesse. Although Frankfurt controlled that happened, came through Rafael Borré (11th) and Ansgar Knauf (17th) but only to harmless degrees.

The Breisgauer, whose objection was rejected against the 1: 4 defeat against Bayern on Friday, needed 47,000 spectators. In the first offensive action, however, Grifo completed an external counterpart. The guests continued to focus on the defensive and lurked on switching moments.

Sow use against Barcelona still open

Frankfurt remained pale – and had to digest another setback after a good half hour. Readers Djibril Something left the field and was replaced by Kristijan Jakic. Whether in Barcelona will be available again, remained open.

Even after the break, the Hessen was trying quite. In the supposed compensation, however, Jesper Lindström was in line with. Only a little later, Kostic hit Hage’s wonderful pass – a double racket missed the Serbe (57th) from the distance.

Oliver Glasner Interview Nach Dem Spiel Frankfurt 1 vs 2 Freiburg 10/04/2022
The hits made the Hessen noticeably new momentum – especially about Kostics left side. While Freiburg had little opportunities, the SGE became dangerous again and again. But from that, however, the shortly previously replaced Petersen after a free kick. It was his 101st goal for the SC and his 33th hits in the Bundesliga as a joker.

Ajdin Hrustic (84.) missed the renewed compensation for a post-shot.