It took so long that we had almost lost hope that this is possible, but we are here: the crossed game support on the PS4 came out of its beta phase.

As you may remember, Sony has always been somewhat reluctant as to the odds of other players to play with the owners of the Playstation 4. However, under the pressure of the population of the video game sector, it has changed d Review and started opening the doors with Fortnite and a handful of other lucky titles.

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Now, thanks to a Wired report, we learn that this phase is over and any game ready to support the crossed game can count on PS4 without any special procedure to implement, as on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (and PC, etc.). of cours).

“Even if it does not advertise the news explicitly, the cross-game efforts of the PS4 officially left the beta phase, which means that the console can support the cross-reading of all the titles for which the Studios provide the functionality, “says wired.

So, it’s probably the end of a game of the game industry that we would have been happy to jump at all. Sony did everything in its power to prevent the owners from PS4 from playing multiplayer games with other platforms and had to surrender only under the pressure of Microsoft and its own players. Fortunately, by the way, it’s over.