As Lost Ark passing, you will meet many non-characters. Many of them play an important role in history, while with others you can make friends with rapport, which will make them give you gifts. It can make you wonder what Rapport is and with what NPC is best to build Rapport in Lost Ark.

How to establish mutual understanding in Lost Ark

To establish mutual understanding with NPC in Lost Ark, you must give them rapport elements . This will increase their level of mutual understanding, and the higher it will be, the better the awards they will give you. You can also execute songs or emotions . Sometimes you will also need a certain number of virtue points.

If you have an active crystal aura, you can accurately see what gifts, songs and emotions prefers NPC. It will relieve you from guessing while increasing their level of mutual understanding and will allow you to focus on the best NIP with mutual understanding.

Non-characteries with best relationships in Lost Ark


Although there are many awards you can get through Rapport, there are some NPCs that offer the best awards. These Giant Hearts , Omnium Stars , island souls / island tokens , and to a lesser extent gold. Here are our recommendations for the best NPC Rapport in Lost Ark.

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