About twelve years, the release of “Avatar – Departure to Pandora” is already back, but the story about the impressive planet is still in her starting blocks. Because director James Cameron works hardly at three sequels. Part 2 is to finally come to the cinemas in 2022 in the meantime seven shifts. Maybe parallel to a MMORPG in the same world . All too much we did not know about Avatar 2 for a long time. But talking to Avatar Producer Jon Landau, the magazine Empire recently got fascinating insights. We have summarized the most important info below in the article!

What is the story of Avatar 2?

Avatar 2: Wird das DER Blockbuster für 2022???
The history of the Sequel sets many years to “Avatar – Departure to Pandora”: Jake Sully and Neytiri have founded a family consisting of the eldest son Neteyam, the second son L’AK and the eight-year-old daughter Tuktirey. The producer compares the whole thing with a modern “mixed race” couple, because both parents come from different cultures and the children sometimes feel belonging to any two worlds belonging. Also part of the family is Javier Socorro. He was born on the military base of the people, but was too small to join the journey back to the earth. Now he is a kind of Tarzan teenager who was taken by Jake Sully, while Neytiri has always seen the people in him, who led against her war.

The visually impressive “Avatar – Departure to Pandora” does not exist in a great Limited Edition!
Conceptual art shows the new atoll region of Pandora, which will be in Avatar 2 to the new home of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Source: Disney

End with rainforest – where does avatar play 2?

At the beginning of the story, the family is forced to leave the usual rainforest and travel to the distant atolls on Pandora. There, the Na’vi clan of Metkayina lives, which are cited by Tonowari and Ronal. With open arms, the SULLYS will not be received there, but you have to prove yourself.

But cooperation will be inevitably necessary: the threat of the mercenaries of the RDA, continued by Parker Selfridge, is not out of the world. They are driven by greed, rich arranges and the goal of solving the problems of the earth using Pandora. Even the notorious villain Mile quartch from Part 1 should be back again, though he actually died in the final. “It’s the magic of storytelling,” laughs producer Landau regarding this comeback. (Via Empire – February 20022)

When will Avatar 2 appear?

Should not go wrong, then we may issue ourselves to Pandora at Christmas time: Planned release of Avatar 2 is currently 16 December 2022.

Who plays everything in Avatar 2 with?

  • Sam Worthington \ – Jake Sully
  • Zoe Saldana \ – Neytiri
  • Jamie Flatters – Neteyam (new)
  • Britain Dalton – Lo’ak (new)
  • Trinity Bliss – Tuktire (new)
  • Jack Champion – Javier Socorro (new)
  • Cliff Curtis \ – Tonowari (new)
  • Kate Winslet \ – Ronal (new)
  • Giovanni Ribisi \ – Parker Selfridge
  • Stephen Lang \ – Miles Quaritch
  • Michelle Yeoh \ – Dr. Karina Mogue (new)
  • Jemaine Clement \ – Dr. Ian Garvin (new)
  • Joel David Moore \ – Norm Spellman

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