Will Smiths Face at the Oscars probably has far-reaching consequences . Several productions with the actor are laid on ice according to the current information for the time being. Among other things, Netflix has shifted the plans for the film “Fast and Loose” ** indefinitely. Also the return of one of his most famous roles is now on the cant.

“Have Some Respect” Will Smith RAGES on James Corden For Mocking Jada Pinkett Just After The Oscars

Sony stops the production of Bad Boys 4

After the success of Bad Boys for Life, the action series with the COP Duo wants to return Smith and Martin Lawrence for Part 4. The incident at the Oscars but also caused a rethinking for Sony Pictures. For the moment the project is stopped. And that though Smith seems to receive a script for Bad Boys 4 shortly before the award. A theatrical release has not been mentioned so far.

Apple is silent so far on the topic

Slightly harder is the situation for Apple. The company has casted Smith for the main role in emancipation . The movie should celebrate this year at Apple TV + his debut. The rotary has already been completed. Planned changes has not yet announced Apple. Apparently, there are other projects with Will Smith in danger, which were not named namely in the report by Hollywood Reporter.

What happened to the Oscars?

Trigger for the slap before a million audience was the appearance of Comedian Chris Rock. After a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Smith stormed on the Oscar stage and struck skirt in the face. In the course of the evening, Smith then won the Oscar as the best major actor. During the thanks, he apologized under tears for the incident. Meanwhile, Smith is voluntary from the Academy. An examination procedure is also not completed.

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